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  3. thousands of dogs at the world dog expo in new jersey
Thousands of dogs at the World Dog Expo in New Jersey https://t.co/dI4R3nEV3C
Thousands of dogs at the World Dog Expo in New Jersey https://t.co/dI4R3nEV3C


As world leaders adopt the new Global Compact for Refugees & Migrants today, South Sudan refugees in Uganda are marking 5 years of crisis & displacement.

5 years on, they desperately want sustainable peace. Let’s work together for a better future #SSRefugees4Peace#ForMigration
WATCH: This police dog from Rapid City, SD is just like us when getting ready to go into the cold, but K9 Jary isn't really loving his new snow boots!
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“That was one of the challenges of the album: all these songs have been done thousands of times...I think that’s one of my strengths as an artist, how to make it feel new." - @LindseyStirling on covering classic holiday songs for her album #WarmerInTheWinter
.@NewSchool_IA Prof @sfparr has won the prestigious Grawemeyer World Order Award for her contributions to @OxUniPress book, "Fulfilling Social & Economic Rights" which offers new methods to measure nations’ progress toward human rights goals. https://t.co/WHkoY3sBbx
Woman gives $300, flees after dog attack in Runnemede, New Jersey https://t.co/4IacixctpH
Edinburgh has been named the best city to live in the world thanks to its low crime rate, high levels of education and the overall health of its workforce, according to a new study.
A New Jersey woman has her wedding ring back, nine years after she accidentally flushed it down the toilet. https://t.co/PjpMQVWzEh #odd
A New Jersey woman was cleaning her bathroom nine years ago when her 20th-anniversary diamond ring fell into the toilet and down the drain. She thought it was gone forever, until she received a note a few weeks ago. https://t.co/r22axLFfiT
Everyone got out of the New Jersey condo alive thanks to the work of the rescuing officers. https://t.co/FAior1ftkI
"I hope that today marks the beginning of a new era, when peace is the priority, and the world can collectively begin to define a new roadmap to protect women, children and minorities from persecution — in particular, victims of sexual violence."
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