❤️THIS IS KINDNESS❤️ When two Florida officers learned this 80-year-old's bicycle (and only mode of transportation) was stolen, they went and did this... ?❤️ STORY:

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People in masks are waiting for hours to vote. Milwaukee has just 5 polling places, not the planned 180. And the state's largest newspaper called today's election “the most undemocratic in the state’s history.” Here's how Wisconsin got to this point.

A mayor in Illinois directed the city's police department to issue citations and arrests after people defied the state's stay-at-home order. Less than 48 hours later, police broke up a gathering at a bar. Among those in attendance: the mayor's wife.

100 American Airlines flight attendants have tested positive for the coronavirus, the union representing flight attendants for the airline says.

No transport, Muslim men carry Hindu woman's bier for cremation in Indore

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Ontario premier declares Easter Bunny 'essential service provider,' authorizes delivery of chocolate and other treats to children of the province. Order stipulates no delivery in parks, playgrounds or outdoor recreational facilities.

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Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly submits resignation letter after calling captain of virus-stricken ship "stupid"

NEW: CA has 15,865 confirmed positive cases of #COVID19 . 2,611 of those cases are in our hospitals. 1,108 of those are in the ICU. We expect these numbers to continue to rise. Stay home. Practice physical distancing. #StayHomeSaveLives 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be in stable condition after he was hospitalized in an intensive-care unit due to a deterioration of his COVID-19 symptoms

Coronavirus: Miss England abandons crown to return to NHS job as doctor