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Kim or Trump? Hanoi barber offers leaders' hairdos for free
ONLY IN FLORIDA: A man spotted a 🐊 munching on a 🐍 and that's what you call a Florida moment
❤️THIS IS KINDNESS❤️ When two Florida officers learned this 80-year-old's bicycle (and only mode of transportation) was stolen, they went and did this... 😭❤️ STORY:
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Nearly $13M worth of meth found in trailer with frozen strawberries at Mexico-US border
Covington High student's legal team sues Washington Post
🚨 FREE TUITION 🚨Papa John’s is serving employees FREE college tuition. Employees will have to work more than 20 hours a week for at least 90 days in order to be eligible. 📚🍕
MASSIVE BUST: Nearly $13M worth of meth found in trailer with frozen strawberries at Mexico-US border
PARIS (AP) -- Paris court fines Swiss bank UBS 3.7 billion euros ($4.2 billion) for helping French clients evade taxes. #fox5dc
Manassas youth pastor to plead guilty in child sex abuse case, prosecutors say

The Most Relevant

CROSS ON THE BEACH: A 20-foot cross washed up on shore of a Fort Lauderdale beach, leaving people wondering where it came from. 😳😳STORY:
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Boy pushes sister out of the way before car hits, kills him #fox5dc
4-year-old girl hands out packets of heroin at day care thinking it was candy
IT TAKES 2 SECONDS TO SHARE: Prince George's County police are looking for missing a 9-year-old girl. Let's help spread the word
Pizza shop worker arrested for rubbing his testicles on a pizza.
Four 12-year-old girls, who are black, were questioned and strip-searched by the school nurse and assistant principal because they seemed giddy during their lunch hour and were suspected of possessing drugs.
PERFECT LANDING! This what it looks like when your cell phone falls 450 feet from the top of the carnival ride. 😂 STORY:
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AMBER ALERT for 5-year-old #Virginia girl, Amiyah Monet Dallas. PLEASE RT. More:
Under the bill, the minimum smoking age would increase to 30 in 2020, to 40 in 2021, to 50 in 2022, to 60 in 2023 and to 100 in 2024.
Man who walked 21 miles to and from work every day for last 10 years surprised with new car!
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