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I write about tech for the New York Times. Send pitches to farhad.manjoo+pitch@nytimes.com Instagram/Snapchat: fmanjoo

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As gadgets become wearables and cloud-assistants-in-a-can, there’s less to adore about them physically.

Remember when industrial design was a thing that set gadgets apart? We’re sort of beyond that, alas.
What’s an object in your life, like a gadget, whose design you fawn over every day?

For me it used to be an iPhone (like iPhone 5 era) but newer ones are too big to be caseless and they’re all glass. So ... there’s not much.
remember when Twitter was a beacon of hope for Arab dissidents? Now it’s their daily nightmare

look, he fought back

is ... an unexpected defense!
WhatsApp CEO says that "good and bad" information can go viral.

If bad is on the order of fake stuff that leads to mob violence/political trickery, what is "good"?

I mean: What's an example of viral info that's not just funny/cool but good for the world in some deeper way?
Hmm Daily by @tomscocca is really great daily. https://t.co/4QcRoUw5eq
Hey @CaseyNewton's newsletter is really good, I always learn stuff from it, and he's a really fun writer.
Late to this but @cduhigg's piece on Uber, Google and Levandowski is very good and worth your time. https://t.co/DdiRgVYoGS
Reached the iOS safari tab limit!
Really well-made argument: Saudi Arabia has no economic leverage. It needs the US badly. https://t.co/xtRVHbFcjN
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