Active Airbus / A340S

Active Airbus A340 aircraft at the moment. Use aircraft code ‘A34’ to filter for all A340s at

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Active Airbus / A340S

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BREAKING: Chile issues tsunami warning following 7.0 magnitude earthquake near the country's Antarctic base

Breaking News: A Pennsylvania congressman played a key role in Donald Trump’s plot to oust the acting attorney general this month.

New research could help explain why thousands of Covid-19 survivors still have issues with cognitive function weeks, months or even longer after initially getting sick #WSJWhatsNow 

Bernie Sanders' campaign store is selling sweatshirts featuring the photo that inspired countless memes, and all the proceeds are going to Meals on Wheels programs in Sanders' home state of Vermont.

One thing becomes clearer and clearer by the day, which is that if it had come down to only one state, they probably would have pulled it off.

A Capitol rioter who allegedly tweeted he wanted to “assassinate” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces five charges, authorities say.

38 Capitol Police employees have tested positive for coronavirus since Jan. 6 riot, union chief says

"The country does deserve unity and healing … but they won’t come from ignoring the destruction that has transpired. Accountability—a public reckoning for Trump and those who enabled his abuses—is the way forward," @qjurecic  writes:

Now Israel begins to give Covid jabs to TEENAGERS after giving at least first dose of vaccine to 39% of its population