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Latest Scoops

The geography of the skies—following rush hour radiating out from the big Gulf hubs.
Our latest episode of AvTalk looks at a few aviation incidents that could have ended much worse than they did.

Listen to episode 23 now at https://t.co/EFPPtSJ2eT
The first commercial flight of the @BoeingAirplanes 747 took place 48 years ago today as Pan Am put the Jumbo Jet into service between New York and London.

185 747s (130 747-400, 55 747-8) are currently making their way around the world.
Loon balloons over Puerto Rico supplementing wireless coverage on the island.

Read more about Project Loon and how to track them at https://t.co/npC7OtbfvT
🐈🐕 On Saturday, @DCLuckyDog + @SouthwestAir partnered to fly a 737 with 14,000 lbs of supplies to #PuertoRico and returned to Baltimore with 62 rescued cats and dogs ready for adoption.

Pet rescue playback at https://t.co/HhAy9XB5cL
Congratulations to @BoeingAirplanes on @FAANews certification of the 787-10! Delivery of the first 787-10 to @SingaporeAir is slated for the first half of 2018.

You can track every 787-10 with aircraft code ‘B78X’ or see the test frames’ history at https://t.co/7Z4zjdBoZj
KLM flight #KL685 from Amsterdam to Mexico City squawked 7700 (general emergency) and is returning to Amsterdam.
Reason is currently unknown.
5️⃣ 🇰🇷 @KoreanAir_KE became the third airline to put the @BBD_Aircraft #CS300 into service.

6️⃣ And finally, F-HPJE, the Air France A380 that suffered an uncontained engine failure over Greenland returned to regular service after repair. Its first revenue service took it from Paris to Johannesburg.

More info on F-HPJE an #AF66d https://t.co/QhbiFZZCPvat
3️⃣ 🇺🇸✈️🇦 @united🇺 inaugurated the new 4th longest flight in the world (by 📏 #UA101) — from Housto @iahn - @SydneyAirport to . The flight covers 13,834 km and is blocked at 17.5 hours, though the inaugural managed to make it in just 16 hr 43 mhttps://t.co/hyWpnEuqDwin.

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