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Latest Scoops

@Mrdini Hi Yoav, thanks for listening/reading! You can also download a full transcript athttps://t.co/eFIozEqvvc (or on each episode page). Thanks!
AvTalk Episode 29 now available with subtitled transcription for those who prefer enjoy the podcast that way. https://t.co/kmKx9NVADR
It's Friday afternoon in Europe and that means peak plane time. Nearly 18,000 flights in the air at the moment. Follow along from Ushuaia to Longyearbyen and from Savoonga to Sydney at https://t.co/A4mWRJu9Vi. Happy tracking!
For more information on what exactly ‘squawking 7700’ means, see https://t.co/69Fmj2G7sb
#FX5391, Paris-Newark, holding shortly after departure and squawking 7700. Reason unknown at the moment. https://t.co/Bqzk0fyct1
Flights bound for Kathmandu are currently diverting to alternate airports. https://t.co/SRXPKnvoi1
It appears #OD181 from Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur experienced a runway excursion on takeoff at Kathmandu. https://t.co/GpTvjPiPML

Nearly 17,000 flights tracing their way around the world. Check in on a flight or two at https://t.co/A4mWRJu9Vi.
Israel celebrates 70 years of independance.

Follow flight #LY70 over Israel https://t.co/jZUf9804yn
If you want to join our team in Stockholm, check our new careers page for our current job openings!https://t.co/84GXgctrP5
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