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Latest Scoops

This flight may be of interest to #Liverpool fans.

⚽️🛩 https://t.co/SprdV5FEjp
Per @HeathrowAirport, emergency services are responding to a fire alarm on the airfield. Flights were held, but are now continuing. https://t.co/ljOzC41xpH
With the closure of Brisbane’s runway, #EK432 is diverting to Melbourne. https://t.co/FfcO0398qY
#MH134 returned to Brisbane shortly after takeoff. Per Notam, RWY 01/19 will be unavailable for the next ~20 min while the disabled aircraft is removed from the runway. https://t.co/2mmGA6N4hI

🔀🕵️ @dreamrealities
We keep investigating the network problem limiting access to Flightradar24. We hope to be back within one hour.
We are investigating a network issue that may limit access to Flightradar24 at the moment.
And intercontinental flights enjoying scenic update New York and Vermont, waiting for storms to pass at Newarkhttps://t.co/XlooazF4v8.
A handful of flights deciding they’d rather go somewhere else: https://t.co/KnRMCfCVTY
Not a good day to be flying in the US northeast. Flights are currently being held at their origin for most of the airports north of Washington DC. https://t.co/osbRJjRR84
Thanks, we'll get this updated.
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