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@BloombergDeals + Bloomberg #HongKong (#millennial) bureau chief. HKU JMSC alum. Food lover. #TokyoMarathon2019 finisher. Views are my own. 你好!

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#HongKong ’s weaker appeal as a financial hub i #Japan  ’s opportunity, says Japanese finance minister Taro Aso via @business 

"When it comes to coding, earlier is better,” says the father of two young girls. “Coding is Lego on steroids.” #India  via @BW  @sarith 

Amazon can suspend sellers at any time for any reason. Merchants' money can be frozen for weeks or months while they navigate a largely automated, guilty-until-proven-innocent process via @technology 

City locked down for three months has bleak lessons for those parts of the world grappling with fresh shutdowns via @business 

was asked to recommend a delicious dish under $5 in #hongkong  when was bureau chief a while back. recommended these pan-fried pepper pork buns in my local neighbourhood. thought they didn't know but obviously they do now and have moved to a new place. Now i see my influence 😂

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A communist party member for a top job at HKU? | by Ying Chan @yingworld ⁩ | Oct, 2020 | Medium

Record 200 days with no virus cases makes #Taiwan  the envy of the world. Here's how it kept Covid out. via @business  @hwang61  @samsonellis 

#Indonesia 's largest wireless network provider is weighing investing in Gojek via convertible bonds via , Fathiya Dahrul and @BloombergDealsE @yoolimleenewslffie Chew


People of #HongKong  have been accustomed to taking responsibility for themselves rather than waiting for the guiding hand of the state. It’s that spirit — and the scars left by SARS — that have inoculated Hong Kong against the worst of the latest outbreak.

A long queue for a new pro #HKProtest  restaurant in Kowloon Bay. #weekend  In #HongKong , Choosing Restaurants Has Become a Political Act @business  @bpolitics 

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he's one of the suspects who beat up reporters in fortress hill. unlike protesters, he was allowed to smoke and check his phone when he's detained with two others. #hongkongprotests  #hongkong 

#HongKong was supposed to hold its Legco election today and govt postponed it for a year, citing #covid19 . Some decided to protest against the delayed election and govt even there's now #NationalSecurityLaw  @bpolitics ⁩

Earlier: riot police stopped and searched two students in sai wan ho and nearby residents were pretty angry at this, asking how necessary. #hongkongprotests  The #HongKong  Police Gunshot That Unleashed a Day of Mayhem @bpolitics 

this is getting viral in #hongkong : tvb reporter chased down an alleged officer who mixed into protesters and later arrested them. this officer refused to admit if he is police and demanded reporter for reporter card but refused to show his warrant card. #hongkongprotestsprotests 

reporters were in pain and trying to wash their eyes after police pepper sprayed them in mongkok. @StandNewsHK  reporter said they were basically trapped and couldn't leave. #HongKong  Police Arrest Protesters, Fire Repellents, Media Says

why the fight is still on --> "What used to be one demand -- the withdrawal of the bill -- has now snowballed into five demands because of the evil this government has shown to its own people." #HongKong  #HongKongProtestsProtests  @bpolitics 

tear gas fired again in wong tai sin. Tens of Thousands Take to #HongKong  Streets for Holiday Protests Protests @bpolitics  #HongKongProtests 

Police arrest #HongKong  Democratic Party lawmakers Fred Hui, Lam Cheuk Ting for a case related to police station last year. Lam, who was beaten up in Yuen Long attack, was arrested for rioting on that day @rthk_enews