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right now in tsim sha tsui, there are two big umbrellas to shield protesters from blue dye from police though many cough afterwards. #hongkongprotests  Hundreds Trapped in Hong Kong Siege, Raising Fears of Crackdown @bpolitics 

Riot police fired tear gas disperse protesters in tsim sha tsui who are trying to save those trapped in @HongKongPolyU  #hongkongprotests  Lam Urges Besieged Protesters to Heed Police: #HongKong  Update@bpolitics  #polyu  #PolyUHK 

Tencent is in talks with potential co-investors for a minority stake bid for Universal Music Group, sources say via @BloombergDeals  @ManuBaigorri 

Home sales in #HongKong  plunged over the weekend as increasingly violent protests shut down parts of the city via @business  @ShawnaKwan 

Asked what he believed was behind the anger, ... he took a valiant guess, suggesting housing, the wealth gap, social mobility and the like, although he conceded police actions may also be of concern to some people. #hongkong  @SCMPNews 


Earlier: riot police stopped and searched two students in sai wan ho and nearby residents were pretty angry at this, asking how necessary. #hongkongprotests  The #HongKong  Police Gunshot That Unleashed a Day of Mayhem @bpolitics 

Protesters and office workers took cover in high-end landmark shopping mall after police fired tear gas. #hongkongprotests  Two #HongKong  Protesters Shot, One in Critical Condition@bpolitics 

he's one of the suspects who beat up reporters in fortress hill. unlike protesters, he was allowed to smoke and check his phone when he's detained with two others. #hongkongprotests  #hongkong 

why the fight is still on --> "What used to be one demand -- the withdrawal of the bill -- has now snowballed into five demands because of the evil this government has shown to its own people." #HongKong  #HongKongProtestsProtests  @bpolitics 

tear gas fired again in wong tai sin. Tens of Thousands Take to #HongKong  Streets for Holiday Protests Protests @bpolitics  #HongKongProtests 

this is getting viral in #hongkong : tvb reporter chased down an alleged officer who mixed into protesters and later arrested them. this officer refused to admit if he is police and demanded reporter for reporter card but refused to show his warrant card. #hongkongprotestsprotests 

Hong Kong’s police watchdog has neither the authority nor the resources to effectively investigate the ongoing protests, according to the Independent Expert Panel via @bpolitics 

Riot police also stopped buses in kowloon at the cross harbour tunnel and took passengers away in groups for search. this is happening after an approved rally in admiralty for #OccupyHK  anniversary. #hongkongprotests  #hongkong 

Riot police continued to fire tear gas in Mong Kok - a popular shopping district @StandNewsHK  live footage. #hongkongprotests  #HongKong  Violence Escalates With Bullets, Tear Gas, Man on Fire @bpolitics 

long queue likely for EdwardLeung's appeal outside courts in Admiralty. one of the longest if not the longest i have seen. for background, Leung was sentenced for 6 yrs in jail for rioting. many said he started the slogan "free #hongkong . revolution of times" @bpolitics