Inspired Life Madam / Enjoy

Catch this week's #FilmmakerConversation  with @kasi_lemmons  and @nicafurba ! 🎞️🎬 We sat down to discuss their new @netflix  series #SelfMade : Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker." Enjoy! ✨

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Inspired Life Madam / Enjoy

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All your payoffs went to family members. Let’s see Hunter’s returns, I’ll show mine if he shows his.

Joe Biden is so weak and feeble he gets pushed around by everybody. Biden literally cuts and pastes anything the mob tells him to, like Bernie Sanders’ policy agenda. Also it’s not the first time he’s plagiarized.

Coronavirus deaths in Mexico. 9th of April: 174 9th of May: 3,160 9th of June: 14,000 Now: 32,700

Trade is a force for good, and properly harnessed can help lift millions out of poverty and bring shared prosperity. The role of @wto  is more vital than ever. Let’s fight for a WTO that works for all.

School districts throughout the U.S. are getting a firsthand lesson on what a fall reopening could bring: sporadic closures as students and staffers test positive for Covid-19

Primary Model says Trump has 91% chance of reelection. Next @FordOConnell 

100% we could certainly find things to do that don’t involve eating garbage and sitting on our couch for hours on end. It would probably be great for our health and our families.

TCS on Thursday said deportation of foreign students from the US poses a long-term challenge for tech majors who rely on the varsities for talent, and warned that such a move could impact technology development.

President @realDonaldTrump  is taking action to ensure that the world is aware of the Chinese Communist Party's flagrant human rights violations against the Uyghurs and members of other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.