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"The moment provided a tutorial in what bigotry among the urbane looks like — the raw, virulent prejudice that can exist beneath the varnish of the right credentials, pets, accessories, social affiliations, the coinage absorbed from HBO documentaries ..."

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Thank you @TamaraClarke  for taking time to share you experiences and insights. So appreciated x


For AED1 million you can get five three minute impressions on Burj Khalifa any night between 7pm and midnight.

Saudi's podcast king: Abdulrahman@abumalih  is chronicling rapid change in the Gulf profiled excellently in by | @TheNationalUAE  @AliKhaled_  #Salty  #podcasts 

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#Dubai This is a very loving, cuddly and playful kitten who really needs a home. His name is Lilo and he's had all his shots etc. He was rescued but they couldn't save his eye. He's got the best personality. Tweet at me if you'd the foster's mobile number. Please RT.

How To Raise Funds Efficiently For A Social Enterprise #socent  #WinTheRightWay 

Please vote and RT: Women in all types of industries in the Middle East, if you had a #metoo  story would you tell it?

Disney Wants to Track Park Visitors By Secretly Photographing Their Shoes Like a Creep