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One third of girls experience gender-based violence in their lifetime.👭 That's why this #GivingTuesday  I'm supporting @GirlUp  Club leaders around the 🌎 If you can please donate 💜

necessary analysis on what @KamalaHarris  means for black women by @AkilahObviously  “we’re no longer in the room”

the gaslighting is simply extraordinary.

i know i already have a lot of ennemies but i thought the peloton was fine.

@katie_levans  as a woman with adhd with a love for aerobic instructors who yell at me nothing would excite me more than getting a bajillion dollar bike for christmas just saying

i’m ready to die on this hill, and then turn down the resistance two turns

@StinoEnriq  exercise has so many different functions in people’s lives than just weight loss! that’s us projecting our screwed views onto an ad that made no mention of weight loss whatsoever

About to hop on @MSNBC  to talk Hillary Cliton on @sternshow  and @VancityReynolds’s peloton clapback and i cant wait.


tfw you realize trump respects turkeys more than women.

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Dreamers paid $11.64 billion in taxes in 2016. What about the president?

The president won't apologize to women so I did it for him.

Funny how one rich white guy in the white house lies every single day and no one ever says it means we’ll stop believing rich white guys.

When you see women defending Brett Kavanaugh this morning it’s a good reminder that this isn’t a gender war, it’s a war between those who believe we should raise men and boys better, and those who don’t.

maybe the guy mixing up abortion and birth control shouldn’t be allowed to make laws about either of those things.

As a woman in the workplace, I prefer to greeted with a firm handshake immediately followed by equal pay.