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See me in a fight with a bear? ...Help the bear. Po honey on me. :-))) http://smarturl.it/CaintUseMyPhone

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Happy Indigenous Rights Day. Justice, give thanks. I feel it. Peace on Earth and Sex on Saturn.
Fam, chill. Ain’t nobody shoot up the club, ok? Why I got to be pregnant every holiday season? 🤣just. Stop. Y’all trying to say I’m fat ? Y’all say this shit every fall. I just be a little hungrier than usual come late October...Now y’all got us in here arguing over baby names.
LIVE NOW!!!!! Come take off with me . .. https://t.co/FVvJSEcIB7 GREEN
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“Hey Houston, this Friday, October 5th, I'll be joining my brother Snoop Dogg for his first stage play, Redemption Of A Dogg. It's taking place at the Hobby Center and you're not going to want to miss this, so go get your tickets now on ticketmaster”
Somebody needs to come take this internet away. I can’t sleep for shit.
Don’t Grow Up. It’s A Trap.
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