Kamila Hansen Sizzles Tori Praver / Swimwear Summer

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Kamila Hansen Sizzles Tori Praver / Swimwear Summer

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"He won’t resign until he’s certain he’ll be impeached," a former Cuomo aide tells V.F. "Even then, he might try to negotiate his way out of it."

Team Trump will seemingly go to the ends of the earth to make sure his financial information remains under lock and key.

#PradaLunaRossaOcean sees a technological breakthrough in which the most refined natural ingredients undergo an intricate molecular distillation. Discover more: #PradaFragrances  #OpeningNewHorizons 

Rep. @CoriBush4Senate  has never been afraid of a fight. Earlier this year, the congresswoman spoke to V.F. about her journey to Congress, her hopes for the future, and putting her body on the line for a cause.

Zoë Kravitz is the embodiment of downtown cool. ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ From 2009 Brooklynite hipster to 2021 viral slip skirt-ed looks, we chart Zoe's style evolution. ⁣⁠

Review: #TheSuicideSquad  almost feels like something different. Almost.

Turns out having a huge party for your 60th birthday isn't quite the best look right now—just ask Barack Obama.

"Mood is contagious, and though both positive and negative moods are ‘caught’, bad moods are more potent.” Read more:

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Simone Biles closed out her Olympic run with a triumphant bronze medal—but the future of USA Gymnastics remains uncertain.