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I write about the news media, covering the coverage and the coverers for the Wash'ton Post. Chat me up sometime: farhip@washpost.com.

Latest Scoops

After everything Jane Fonda’s been criticized for for the past 40-plus years, who would’ve thought facelifts would be such a big deal? https://t.co/527LuPDf7f
Of course, we always see images of the *successful* rides of these monsters. Fewer pics of people being thrown and crushed by mountains of water.
Good gawd. The stones it takes to ride this!
Late to this, but seen very little discussion about breach of church-and-state ethics in Post reporting of Pentagon Papers (see: @ThePostMovie). Meg Greenfield was deputy editorial page editor at time, yet she worked closely with newsroom on papers. Wouldn’t happen today.
Dept of Non-Denial Denials: White House, responding to reports that Commerce Secy Wilbur Ross falls asleep in meetings (https://t.co/Ttbcl9jF37)
“I don’t think you can humiliate America any more.” Stormy Daniels takes the stage at a strip club in Greenville, S.C. @MrDanZak describes the scene. https://t.co/xK8eG018hj
Interesting point by @greenfield64 on @ReliableSources: MSM (NYT, CNN etc) very willing to give platform to Trump supporters but conservative media (esp. Hannity, Tucker Carlson) unlikely to feature opposition.
This kid (Trump appointee to drug-policy office) appears to have started inflating his resume’ at the age of 23, @robertoharrow reports. https://t.co/gwNHPs604q
Meanwhile, in Greenville, S.C.: https://t.co/OkP4bnfLS9
Interesting contrary take on corporate bonuses after tax cut. Unanswered question: If the bonuses are a result of permanent tax change, why are the bonuses one-time only? Why not make them permanent, too? https://t.co/2BeFFbMCu7
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