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You know who’s probably disappointed by all the attention on Russia? The kids separated from their parents at the border. Media spotlight kept pressure on White House for reunification. Now? Maybe not so much.
The president likes to tweet a lot. So, if he wanted to clarify all this “no”/“would”/“wouldn’t” confusion, he could maybe tweet a clear, simple, definitive statement. No?
Hold on, @cnn. Are you implying what your chyron seems to be implying?
Sorry, Jordan is @Jordanfabian. Didn't catch it first time.
.@brianstelter points out on @CNN that Trump was asked by CBS' Jeff Glor in an interview on Saturday about Dan Coats' warning that the U.S. is susceptible to a Russian cyberattack and he responded, "I don't know if I agree with that." So there's that. https://t.co/2IS5YLa4N3
For the record, Trump kept taking questions after allegedly saying "no" to taking more questions today.
Wow--a reporter (Jordan?) just deferred to Hallie Jackson so that Jackson could finish a question that @PressSec didn't want to answer. Rare bit of teamwork in the WH briefing room.
.@PressSec contends Trump was saying "no" to answering questions from reporters, not "no" to a question about whether Russia is still meddling in U.S. elections. #Would/wouldn't.
Advantage: @NYDailyNews (but it’s close).
How aggressive are Africanized bees? This aggressive: https://t.co/lw8lFrH9sw
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