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Latest Scoops

Saudi Arabia has killed thousands of civilians in Yemen and imprisoned hundreds of critics at home. So why did it take the death of one man to galvanize world opinion? Something I wrote: https://t.co/QOdSdlp014
The “heated” shouting match has now been downgraded to a mere “shouting match.” Maybe a cold front blew in.
A “heated” shouting match? I dunno. Is there some other kind?
50 years ago today: Bob Beamon’s mindblowing long jump at the 1968 Olympics, which shattered the world record by nearly two feet. Backstory on the amateur photog who took this iconic photo: https://t.co/F24HDPk0wb
Yes. Lot of silence about his silence.
Monkey Business cruise, suggesting prior relationship, not a set up. Also, how did Hart end up wearing a “Monkey Business Crew” t-shirt in the infamous photo? What say ye @JamesFallows, ?
The “evidence” in this piece consists of a conversation a dying Lee Atwater allegedly had with a Hart associate four years after the events described took place, revealed now, nearly 30 years after the fact. Thin, even by conspiracy standards. https://t.co/CzEHU9aAmE
The #Khashoggi case has done what a war in Yemen, house arrest of elites, kidnapping of Lebanese president and a general crackdown on dissent did NOT do before, which is to inflame world and American opinion against Saudi Arabia.
More here on the Saudi “hit squad” implicated in #Khashoggi’s disappearance and apparent murder. Closely linked to royal family. https://t.co/AwUblb00fB
Breaking: Suspects in Khashoggi Case Had Ties to Saudi Crown Prince, says @nytimes https://t.co/vsCmwElOIa
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