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I'm @SkyNews Political Editor, economic crisis book @theDefaultLine Brexitologist. United ST holder. purveyor of bad jokes.

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“UK-Republic of Korea Fintech Bridge” ... is in there as well.
... sorry it was “we will build on our role as an innovator in technology policy and cyber security, and a trusted economic hub between East and West, to position the UK as a pivotal innovation-driven digital economy with global reach and ambitions” not “innovation derived”
PM announces that her first post Brexit trade mission will be to Asia Pacific next spring! Confident.
Just remembered that it was of course precisely here in 1990 at Lord Mayors Banquet that Mrs Thatcher, the week before her resignation just after Howe’s resignation said “I am still at the crease, though the bowling has been pretty hostile of late”. 🏏
PM: “right choices not the easy ones” she won’t do “an agreement at any cost” though negotiations are in the “endgame” she says
PM says post Brexit UK will “lead the way” in the world as “a pivotal innovation derived digital economy with global reach” to build the “best AI and data ecosystem” in the world
“A damaging trade war with spiralling tariffs is in no one’s interests” says PM at Lord Mayors Banquet calling for transparent reform of World Trade Organisation - also a demand of US President re WTO
Jo Johnson upping ante: as a former Cabinet Office min “decision not to publish evidence showing this is a worse deal than one we already have inside EU...struggle to see how this is not an abuse of civil service impartiality” says EFTA/EEA “parlour games” https://t.co/TaiORNJ5PM
Brown calls for a Royal Commission to bring a divided country together to solve long term future problems
Brown says he does now expect a second referendum to occur
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