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I'm @SkyNews Political Editor, economic crisis book @theDefaultLine Brexitologist. United ST holder. purveyor of bad jokes.

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... not subtle 🇬🇧🇺🇸
“The &UkSA” is the social diplomacy brand for the ...
So @SkyData poll:
1. Public back removal targets 53% to 39%,
2. but are against actions meant to discourage illegal immigration that impact on Windrush generation 54% to 35%.
3. On Amber Rudd - 41% think she should stay and 41% think she should go as Home Sec.
NEW: PCS Union Leader Serwotka:
“It was common knowledge that targets for removing people existed our members in the Home Office were expected to carry out..staff have been forced to operate in a hostile environment, created by the current and previous Home Secretary Theresa May”
Fabulous news... congrats.
As it happens - Grieve name is not on the delayed substantive binding amendment to the trade bill - so we’re up to 13 Tory MPs publicly supporting a customs union... 12 was enough to defeat Government in December on Brexit Bill...
Sarah Wollaston MP: “outside an effective customs union there is no such thing as a frictionless border - no escape from border checks, expensive infrastructure, rules of origin”... says impact on pharma industry will “directly affect patient safety”
Grieve says PM should be commended for trying to do a difficult job despite being referred to a “cretinous” re customs by Rees Mogg... “Unless we inject a note of realism, she will fail, this House will fail and our country will be fail”
NEW: Dominic Grieve tells Commons that Japanese deputy ambassador told some MPs at private meeting: “You do realise that every Japanese company will be gone in ten years time if you dont have frictionless trade [with Europe]”
Dominic Grieve furious that every time he wants to debate Brexit he gets told “in a roundabout way” that he risks allowing Corbyn in to Downing St - surest way is not to debate - also criticises the “irrationality” of some Tory colleagues and sometimes the Government
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