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@MojoBeastLP Can’t see that it actually got to that point during fuel protests - but some closely involved in this calculate that the Fuel Protests show that the public would have zero appetite or acceptance of plausible immediate No Deal consequences
It won’t be 50 years though - maybe more like 50 days as Supply lines are changed
Owen Paterson tells @SophyRidgeSky that Michel Barnier has “dealt a grievous blow” to Chequers he’s “knocked it on the head” and “we should plan for WTO terms” #Ridge
Last time UK Government had to make plans to stockpile food as a result of the impact of its own policy?
Ie Govt post Chequers conceded a Canada-style free trade agreement too damaging for manufacturing (particularly cars, Airbus, Pharma) which need to maintain frictionless EU trade.

But No Deal [being prepared for] same as Canada (ie not frictionless) plus tariffs..no transition
to make case for Chequers, Government needs to emphasise, believe, & warn on the impact of hard Brexit on factories, companies, and people (eg stockpiling).

But then in trying to claim No Deal is an option it then simultaneously has to downplay all the same.

Not sustainable.
When asked by Marr about whether stories about plans to stockpile food for a “No Deal” were correct, Brexit Secretary Raab said it was an unhelpful “selective snippet that’s made it into the press”... which suggests Yes
@nick_gutteridge Not power stance but a gallant reporter maintaining a camera eyeline for a TV interview, without asking shorter subject to stand on a box!
Hate to break this to you, but Chrysler is formally known as Fiat Chrysler as it was bought out of bankruptcy by the Italians Fiathttps://t.co/pk2AfjfwaG
would have to imagine that any half sensible negotiation would leave UK in the following company (US, Japan, Singapore etc) of the 90 day visa exempt annexe 2 list under this regulation... but not nailed down in No Deahttps://t.co/W3ujDB1kBql
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