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Brexit Express funded poll of Tory constituencies of customs union “rebels” also shows among 4110 voters asked what happens if EU asks for more concessions than Chequers:
31% say walk away with No Deal
30% say ask for an extension
25% say Forget Brexit
5% accept all EU demands
V g point. The swing from “did not vote” to Remain (maybe young voters who weren’t allowed etc) is now common to most polls
Not sure if the original margin of 52:48 Remain was designed b @Andrew_ComResy to reflect the actual vote in those Tory constituencies at the referendum - in any event the shift of the same base , particularly the previous non voters to Remain is stark.
polling was funded by “Brexit Express” and meant to support the former Vote Leave and Conservative funder Jeremy Hosking suggestions of new pro Brexit party - appear to show in the seats held by Grieve, Allen, Soubry, Neill etc a trebling in margin of Remain support from 4 to 12%
In these 11 Cons constituencies Comres polled 4110 voters

1942 (47%) votes Remain, 1784 (43%) Leave, 283 (7%) DNV
Or 52:48 Remain excl DNV

But “Referendum Voting Intention” now among the same voters in these seats
2195 (53%) Remain. 1692 (41%) Leave. 73 DK (2%)
Or 56:44 Remain
On citizens: source: “It is a unilateral guarantee of citizen’s rights, effectively — so that people can live and work broadly as they do now, even in the event of no deal”. Details to come
PM hints at new UK Irish backstop offer - building on existing regulatory checks in Irish Sea - further divergence acceptable if backed by Stormont but no customs border
PM to EU citizens: even in event of no deal your rights protected
The mother of all deluges descended in between lives... and I’d run to number 10 with no coat. Announcement indoors...https://t.co/heNIlTTTSl
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