Facebook / House Democrats January Democratic / Electoral College

ICYMI: A Facebook meme wrongly identifies the first three bills introduced by House Democrats in January. The first three Democratic bills did not seek to impeach the president, end the Electoral College or provide “$54 billion in foreign aid.”

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Facebook / House Democrats January Democratic / Electoral College

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Joe Biden also calls the man fat and challenges him to do push ups with him. Would this fall into the category of malarkey, balderdash, or poppycock?

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Terrifying scenes have emerged from Sydney's south-west, where firefighters were forced to run from an "explosion" of fire on Thursday night.

Fair question (in my opinion) giving Pelosi the chance to answer. But she kind of seems to lose it. What do you think?

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Brazil’s space agency reported that in one year, more than 3,700 square miles of the Amazon, an important buffer against climate change, had been razed. "It confirms the Amazon is completely lawless,” a climate scientist said.

A rape victim was set ablaze while traveling to court in India. Five men were arrested; 2 are her alleged rapists.

Trump vs. Biden debates are basically going to be the Swedish Chef vs. Chewbacca