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House Republicans claim that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the Capitol” on Jan. 6. But they overstate the role of the speaker in overseeing the Capitol security and rely on speculation, not facts.

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Texas, but it doesn’t have the “highest COVID positivity rate and case count in the nation” — contrary to what Democrat Julián Castro recently tweeted. #scicheck 

ICYMI: We explain the CDC's face mask recommendations for the fully vaccinated and how to follow them.

ICYMI: A conspiracy theory online baselessly suggests that the WHO and other groups preplanned the SARS2 variants -- citing a timeline of dubious origin. But the timeline doesn’t square with the reality of when variants have been identified. #scicheck 

The Biden administration hasn’t introduced COVID-19 restrictions on Americans traveling to Mexico, and it is enforcing immigration laws at the border. But a meme falsely claiming the opposite is circulating online.

Studies show COVID-19 vaccines continue to be effective against the delta variant, even if the potency of the vaccines is somewhat reduced. But a Fox News guest falsely claimed that the variant "really is not responsive at all" to the vaccines. #scicheck 

Florida health officials have reported a 60% rise in COVID-19 cases, and hospitals are reporting that 95% of COVID-10 patients are not fully vaccinated. But a Facebook post makes the baseless claim that Florida’s numbers are not going up. #scicheck 


Unsubstantiated posts spreading on Facebook and Twitter claim that Biden “got tonight’s debate questions in advance” and that he will be wearing an earpiece. There is no evidence for either assertion. #FactCHAT 

Trump again repeats his false claim that he built the "greatest economy” in history. Over the last 39 years, the real GDP has reached or exceeded Trump’s peak year of 3% a total of 17 times. #Debate 

Trump exaggerates the amount of voter fraud via mail-in ballots:

Trump claims mail-in ballots are rife with fraud while absentee ballots — which he has used — require a voter to go through “a very strict process" that's "sometimes better" than a voting machine. In fact, the verification process is the same for both.

Biden is right that FBI Director Christopher Wray called antifa more of an ideology, than an organization. #Debate 

Elizabeth Warren claimed that Amy Klobuchar's health care plan is two paragraphs long. Warren is wrong. #DemDebate