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Latest Scoops

“Hey!” Kessler’s father says, interrupting his conversation with the white nationalist and anti-Semitic former US Senate candidate Patrick Little. “You get out of my room!” https://t.co/pQyv9pUHQP
This, from Warren, is a big, even transformative, proposal. This piece, in particular, would have far-reaching impacts: “corporations would be required to allow their workers to elect 40 percent of the membership of their board of directors.” https://t.co/cleznetlg8
A deep dive into the fascinating, telling world of Trump fan art: https://t.co/JX5kpIU9IP
On Reddit, at least, the QAnon conspiracy theory is being driven by just 200 people: https://t.co/A0OF3g76bY
Twitter is not your friend. Twitter is not your friend. Twitter is not your friend. Twitter is not your — https://t.co/jZ5Su4m447
Trump is showing, daily, how the truth can be drowned under a sea of irrelevance, how easily the defense of the indefensible can go down if it is cast as entertainment. https://t.co/HdXyjmkuiG
"Sometimes there are images that so perfectly encapsulate a moment in time that all you can do is marvel." https://t.co/gsMKVPPFUI
Apple never pretended to be an open platform. They’re a company that obsesses over user experience. And having vile conspiracy theories passing themselves off as news makes for a bad user experience. There’s a lesson in that.
"There are dozens of videos and photos of Obama having flies land on him, indoors, at all times of year."

If you're hearing a lot about Alex Jones today but have never actually watched a clip of him, well, you're welcome. https://t.co/YvelHzOxHR
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