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Latest Scoops

TIL animals will die of sleep deprivation before they die of starvation.

Also: sleep is so powerful at memory formation that after a particularly harrowing mission, they keep soldiers awake to stop the experience from embedding and causing PTSD.

Fascinating story on Best Buy's turnaround. Reading this, you wonder if the endgame is an Amazon acquisition... https://t.co/d6VFlKEsO6
I'm unproud of the country right now.
Every country with marriage equality, mapped: http://t.co/zGQHyuMnRS
This photo of an Ebola isolation ward in Liberia breaks my heart. http://t.co/uS8jkz71VH
Fascinating maps of what the US would look like without gerrymandering: http://t.co/jbRRbHFCbb
Yes! Take Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill and put a woman on it: http://t.co/iEGsVG8MWL
@jonathanchait It's why I tried to frame this essay more personally. The way I think about Israel isn't the way I think about most countries
The Myers-Briggs personality test is no more scientifically valid than a Buzzfeed quiz: http://t.co/BEdiQ1jMLR
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