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Latest Scoops

"It's basically asking the universe: 'What are the stable things?' And then we're basing our measurements off of the stable things in the universe."

I'm obsessed with this @today_explained about why the world is redefining the kilogram. Don't miss it. https://t.co/bltUOraB9u
Tons of interesting science, findings, and questions in here. But as always, what study after study shows is the best diet is the one you can stick to, not the one that would be best if only you could get yourself to follow it. https://t.co/Xl0ZCpZDox
"Are the Chinese intimidated? They’re certainly confused. American officials raise issues only to later drop them. They contradict one another." https://t.co/geGvStNGKR
Breathing the air in Sacramento for a day right now is equivalent to smoking 14 cigarettes. https://t.co/uvpwiHZcli
"In some ways, the friendliest Donald Trump interviews are the most revealing. Given the opportunity to ramble and free-associate without any pushback whatsoever, you can see what channels his mind naturally follows." https://t.co/3Vt94e1svr
"Asking Facebook to get better on its own just isn’t a realistic option." https://t.co/sxOGwKqDug
Get ready. Season 2 of Explained on Netflix is coming. And we've got such big plans for it. https://t.co/eg18FF9aqC
"Democrats will win the [House] popular vote by a larger margin than the GOP achieved in either the 1994 or 2010 waves."

So much for those early election-night takes about the "blue trickle." https://t.co/MQ5gp9u25Q
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