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Latest Scoops

Don't let Trump's culture war antics distract you. He's launching a full-scale assault on Medicaid in the background. https://t.co/n4yT5ZJGzE
"The Trump Presidency is an animate example of what happens when the term 'for argument’s sake' becomes an actual political ideology."

Every line of this @jelani9 piece is a gem. https://t.co/Hb1hyksnNs
This product makes no sense in a consumer goods framework of smartphone use but perfect sense in an addiction framework of smartphone use https://t.co/CDgoOdcJJH
This is a great guide to making your charitable dollar go as far as possible: https://t.co/MoNB9fiHSm
"You got to have a certain modesty. Even understanding what’s gonna go on in a 50-year time frame I would say is very, very difficult.https://t.co/4f6NgC0buE "
Bill Gates on worrying about future threats to humanity: "If you said there was a philanthropist 500 years ago that said, 'I’m not gonna feed the poor, I’m gonna worry about existential risk'” I doubt their prediction would have made any difference in terms of what came later."
I talked to @BillGates about how geography drives growth, the weak link between economic freedom and political freedom, his mistrust of the AI-will-kill-us-all crowd, how to value future human lives against current ones, and much more: https://t.co/4f6NgC0buE
Buy: Warren, Klobuchar, Garcetti

Sell: Kerry, Bloomberg, Beto

"in seven separate survey experiments over 11 years, we find that providing accurate information does little to affect attitudes toward immigration, even though it does reduce the perceived size of the foreign-born population" https://t.co/3y3T7lCOf5
"Donald Trump trusts Kim Jong Un but not American climate scientists. He knows more about NATO than Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. He thinks the European Union was created to take advantage of America on trade."

Cool cool cool. https://t.co/UX4Fd01oJJ
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