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Latest Scoops

“Air capture has been stuck in a catfight between one group of people saying it’s a silver bullet and one group saying it’s bullshit. The truth is it’s neither.”

Must-read @drvox piece on what pulling carbon from the air does, and doesn't, fix. https://t.co/kKaeHVzKG5
Before you read a political science paper: why is everything so bad?

After you read a political science paper: why isn’t everything much, much worse?
The Stanford Prison Experiment was so shot through with fraud and acting and coaching that its results can't be trusted. We have to stop using it as a touchstone insight on human nature. https://t.co/3Cewm9YepX
There is what the Republican elites would like their party to be, and then, increasingly, there is what actual Republican voters are showing it is: https://t.co/X3PnDDgO5l
Reading this, just try to imagine what these Republican Senators would say if it was Barack Obama who had said Kim Jong Un was a "very talented" leader whose people "loved" him.

Just try. https://t.co/fsE2Mg1cRW
African-Americans have the life expectancy today that white Americans had in the 1980s. A whole generation in health gains have passed them by.

This is an important, powerful piece by @olgakhazan: https://t.co/gyIgxYSa0i
"I don’t have a comment on that. I wasn’t there. I don’t know the context. The president is entitled to say what he wants to say. This is America."

Sen. Kennedy crams every way to distance himself from a Trump comment in one answer. A bravura performance. https://t.co/fsE2Mg1cRW
I strongly recommend this essay on the international order that's created the unusual peacefulness of our era, the crucial role trust plays in that order, and the threat Trump poses to that foundation of trust: https://t.co/S6bvMDIBOo
What if Star Wars never happened? https://t.co/fwZybr09h1
I've read a lot of Silicon Valley biographies and the brash CEO who promises what they can't deliver but somehow inspires their team to do the impossible is a trope. I've always wondered how much of that theory was at play in Theranos. Seems like a lot. https://t.co/bNinyXiTb4
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