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I don't know what it is but every time @sarahkliff leaves town for a few days a GOP health bill collapses. It's eery.
Towards a structural explanation of the modern Republican Party: https://t.co/BX5wqFvjV1
Competence Porn is just every season of the West Wing, right?
Mea Culpa: On the Weeds this week, I said I thought McCain's friendship with Graham would beat his process concerns. I was wrong!
It's crazy how badly we treat home healthcare workers given that they're caring for the people we love most: https://t.co/cVzIzelhQs
Yikes. Graham-Cassidy leads to 21 million fewer with health insurance by 2026: https://t.co/ivDzoSCHqN
Graham-Cassidy approval at a dismal 24%. And that's before it has thrown the entire health system into chaos. https://t.co/MvenxQkAQh
There is no Trump pivot, and there never will be https://t.co/PdQBPXmhP6
Kimmel's position is shared by basically every health advocacy group in America. Cassidy's is shared by none: https://t.co/eaogm9r0Fh
American Cancer Society: "the bill could allow insurers to charge cancer patients and survivors far higher rates"
AHIP: Graham-Cassidy "would have real consequences on consumers and patients by further destabilizing the individual market"
AARP: "this bill would jeopardize the ability of older Americans and people with disabilities to stay in their own homes as they age"
American Medical Association: "the Graham-Cassidy Amendment...violates the precept of 'first do no harm.'”
What every major health group has said about Graham-Cassidy: https://t.co/fV7N9KZSgu
"I'm Liz Plank, and I'm...a Canadian."
What if we repealed Obamacare and replaced it with Obamacare?
I'm old enough to remember when the GOP was against passing healthcare bill through backroom deals advantaging specific states.
Welfare reform "worked" by kicking people off welfare. Graham-Cassidy would work by kicking people off insurance: https://t.co/3raRifxrdq
This report tells us why Trump is so afraid of Robert Mueller’s investigation: https://t.co/uMlt3K6vOT
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