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Latest Scoops

“He’s a peripheral player in his own presidency.” https://t.co/ui6Bjx0uin
This is how you know Bernie Sanders has been successful in changing the Democratic Party. The Dem establishment is moving towards his ideas, and his view of politics. https://t.co/LEHwOzjvaV
And tomorrow, the Statue of Liberty gets a red MAGA hat. https://t.co/zSkZ3ZBHlT
The headlines in 2018 are just dystopic https://t.co/qx3NIBRTIo
This is an extraordinary, infuriating story https://t.co/EpKmFgELrF
Trump promised to protect people with preexisting conditions. Instead, he's waging a quiet campaign to endanger them. https://t.co/RUFA2Y2D0c
"I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery." https://t.co/ktQF0aOzhl
Nothing shows the extent of Trump’s disengagement from policy quite like his infrastructure plan. "The builder president" has no vision for what to build, and likely doesn’t know his budget is a net cut to infrastructure funding. https://t.co/5Svcwint0L
There's so much joy and pride in this @today_explained episode on Black Panther. It's really hard not to smile listening to the couple holding their engagement party at a Black Panther. This is what culture should do for people. https://t.co/FREpVq3adA
If you were considering tweeting about Dinesh D’Souza you should listen to my interview with @tristanharris about how social media brings out the worst in people and keeps everyone agitated and angry all the time instead. https://t.co/oGHLQ3imnb
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