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When lying is second nature https://t.co/WTCMiic07C
Who can forget that chapter in "Art of the Deal" where Trump reveals that the way to break a stalemate in negotiations is to send out increasingly bitter tweets composed, alone, while watching Fox News? https://t.co/u3Zo6XPnrZ
Great look at the many plans for bringing down prescription drug prices now floating around Congress: https://t.co/XNcWP9Funs
"I never believed I would remain friends with any of these white supremacists, that some of them would walk away from their movement after we interacted. But that’s what happened, and I still can’t quite believe it." https://t.co/PwyX8L4d6e
Even if it turns out Trump has just been doing Russia's bidding because he wants Putin to like him, or because he independently decided Russia is great, the end result — that's still not the ideal description of an American president.
It'd be better if America's president wasn't acting so much like a Russian agent that the FBI had to open an investigation into whether he literally is a Russian agent. https://t.co/vn2NXZKeHf
There are many ways Trump is bad at being president, but the fact that he's not trustworthy enough to make deals with is one of the most consequential. https://t.co/5NCEGdYFxw
But a @KelseyTuocs writes, "Ag-gag laws aren’t the real problem — they’re a symptom of it. The problem is that what goes on on our farms is so horrifying, and so unconscionable to the typical American consumer, that agribusinesses have turned to trying to hide it. "
The Southern District of Iowa overturned the state's ag-gag law as an unconstitutional violation of free speech. Good. https://t.co/S8Ui49VTDU
Of all the hollow products and promises to bear Trump’s name, none has been as much of a scam as his reputation as a master dealmaker. https://t.co/M9NXbpHlAv
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