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This is no red and blue America. There's just one America, swirling in colors, collapsing into fractals, trying to focus on its breath and not freak out or get distracted. https://t.co/NpJ18jKXl1
Did you just compare being married to me to being married to Ted Cruz?
One thing Dems learned from Bernie (and Trump?) is to supersize their policy ideas. Go big!

Look at Elizabeth Warren's plan to save capitalism: https://t.co/cleznetlg8

Or Kamala Harris's Trump-sized tax plan: https://t.co/gjPafff8a1

2020 is going to be really interesting.
A group of political scientists and sociologists paid 1,220 Dems and Rs to follow prominent Twitter voices that disagreed with them for a month.

The question: Does exposure to contrary views on Twitter lead to more moderation?

The answer: Lol nope: https://t.co/s3NaZIiPpp
What you're seeing in this Kamala Harris proposal is Democrats moving from their core tax idea being "raise taxes on the rich" to their core tax idea being "use the tax code to redistribute to the poor and working class" https://t.co/gjPafff8a1
Trump keeps his promises, except for all the promises he breaks, and all the times he does the literal opposite of what he promised on the campaign trail to do. But other than that, yeah, real straight shooter. https://t.co/5a2Ytg99l9
This Future Perfect episode on how to make prisons more humane is a must-listen: https://t.co/QR1TFgia8c
Thought the answer to polarization was more partisans following voices on the other side? Nope: That only polarizes them — especially Republicans — more: https://t.co/GZr5dAr55b
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