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Biden, unlike Trump, knows a softball question when he hears one.

It is amazing, in the year 2020, that anyone would treat a presidential candidate saying we need to transition away from oil as surprising or scandalous. The reckless, scandalous position — ruinous to both lives and economies — is denying the need to decarbonize.

@Noahpinion  Also, new outlets using certain business models need to undermine the credibility of established outlets. If you're trying to make money creating an explicitly rightwing media ecosystem, you need to convince your potential audience that the MSM is hopelessly biased.

I cannot emphasize enough how much McConnell's actions on Garland and Barrett have radicalized Democratic senators. As I've argued before, McConnell's single most consequential legacy may be what he convinces Senate Democrats to do:

And at this point, don't mail your ballot in. Either vote in person, or drop it off.

Let's become a country that makes it clear we want people to vote, and where both parties know that the path to power is winning over voters. Democracy is worth fighting for.

Learned a lot from this conversation with @NateSilver538 . One thing I admire about the way he does data journalism: the model, and the work that goes into the model, really disciplines the rest of his thinking.


It's not just that Trump is a bad president. It's that he's a bad person.

Donald Trump does not want to be in charge of any of this. He wants to play president on TV. He doesn't want responsibility for governance in a time of crisis, and in every way he can, he's refusing to do that job, and lashing out at those who ask him to do it.

This is a governance failure, not an inevitability of the disease.

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"I worked very hard for it" is the worst possible justification for being a billionaire. You know who works very hard? Single mothers working two minimum wage jobs with just-in-time scheduling and a bus commute.

It is a horrifying absence of political imagination to prefer letting millions die to, say, trying an appropriately sized basic income and mobilizing the economy to surge health resources for 3-6 damn months. Our choices are not mass economic deprivation or mass death.

According to Donald Trump's Twitter feed today, the people he hires are fools and traitors and his party's Supreme Court appointees — and possibly his own, depending on which decisions he's referencing — are disasters. Helluva reelection pitch for the GOP.

That Trump felt emboldened enough to try to personally collude with a foreign government to shape the 2020 election *after* the Russia investigation is pretty good evidence that he believes there are literally no checks on him at all.

One of the weirdest and worst asymmetries in policy right now is that banks and big corporations can get fast, basically unlimited help from the Fed, while small biz and individual help is limited and slowed by congressional process and dysfunction.