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Trump can only be who he is, and that's a cranky OANN viewer who's truly, authentically furious about statues and protestors, and doesn't feel personally threatened by the coronavirus.

That it's July and we're still having testing shortages on this scale is insane. I drove by a testing center in Oakland today and the line was wrapped around the block.

Could @TimScottSC  win the Republican primaries is a question I think about a lot.

Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Ro Khanna have a bill that would radically reshape animal agriculture, phasing out the biggest CAFOs by 2040. I wrote about it, and the odd-bedfellows coalition of farmers, vegans, and economic populists behind it:

It's testament to how cruel our system of industrialized animal agriculture is that activists who believe eating meat is immoral and farmers who raise animals for slaughter could both support the same bill to reform it:

"The United States is facing an eviction crisis of biblical proportions.”

A lot of debates that sell themselves as being about free speech are actually about power. And there's *a lot* of power in being able to claim, and hold, the mantle of free speech defender.

The idea that I would try to get Matt, literally my co-founder and oldest friend in journalism, fired over this letter is risible. I've asked Matt, and others at Vox, to not subtweet colleagues. My mistake here is this read like a subtweet of him, when it honestly wasn't.

I talked with @mashagessen  about the failures of political language, how to fit Trump into history, Hannah Arendt, the different kinds of political lies, whether Biden’s low-key campaign is the right response to Trumpism, and much more.


Donald Trump does not want to be in charge of any of this. He wants to play president on TV. He doesn't want responsibility for governance in a time of crisis, and in every way he can, he's refusing to do that job, and lashing out at those who ask him to do it.

This is a governance failure, not an inevitability of the disease.

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"I worked very hard for it" is the worst possible justification for being a billionaire. You know who works very hard? Single mothers working two minimum wage jobs with just-in-time scheduling and a bus commute.

It is a horrifying absence of political imagination to prefer letting millions die to, say, trying an appropriately sized basic income and mobilizing the economy to surge health resources for 3-6 damn months. Our choices are not mass economic deprivation or mass death.

According to Donald Trump's Twitter feed today, the people he hires are fools and traitors and his party's Supreme Court appointees — and possibly his own, depending on which decisions he's referencing — are disasters. Helluva reelection pitch for the GOP.

One of the weirdest and worst asymmetries in policy right now is that banks and big corporations can get fast, basically unlimited help from the Fed, while small biz and individual help is limited and slowed by congressional process and dysfunction.