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#Hawks Matakata declines to provide further details on Ajay Gupta’s warrant - she re-iterates that he’s wanted on a unrelated (to Estina) matter. BB
#Hawks Matakata: assures the public that the Haws are not influenced in anyway, politically or otherwise. BB
#Hawks Matakata: on the same day the Hawks announced there was a warrant of arrest for Ajay Gupta - on an unrelated case (not Estina case). BB
#Hawks Matakata: the evidence gathered led to the arrest of the eight suspects. All suspects appeared in Bloemfontein Regional Court last Friday and granted bail. BB
#Hawks Matakata: on 26 Jan the Hawks executed search and seizure operation at FS Agriculture Dept. and Premier’s office. The next same operation at dairy farm in Vrede. BB
#Hawks Matakata: after a tremendous amount of work over the last year the Hawks completed first phase of investigation (in Estina matter) and referred to NPA for a decision. BB
#Hawks Matakata: extends condolences to the five members murdered in the Eastern Cape. BB
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