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[JUST IN] President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed the SIU proclamations authorising an investigation into allegations of irregularities and unlawful conduct at several government departments. TK
Happy #AfricaDay to all Africans across our continent and the world. 🌍
#MeerLICHT The telescope will collect and store data on cosmic explosions, energetic outflows, merging stars and other astronomical phenomena. KB
#MeerLICHT The MeerLICHT optical telescope is being launched at the South African Astronomical Observatory field station in Sutherland today @BrandtKev - KB
#HousingProtests A milk truck has also been torched. A group of residents can now be seen stripping the torched vehicle. Traffic officials are in scene. SF
#HousingProtests Govan Mbeki Rd has been reopened to traffic foklowing earlier protests that’s thought to be linked to ongoing demonstrations over housing. SF
#JRA Mashaba has called on residents to be patient as he tries to address the inequality gap. "Let's find a way to do trade-offs. People of Sandton & Morningside, can I shorter-term deal with your potholes? At the same time I've got communities without electricity/toilets/water."
#JRA Mashaba says with a limited budget and aging infrastructure - he needs to weigh up his options: "Do I resurface the street in Sandton or do I go and give a tar road to people in Kaalfontein?"
#JRA That's despite a declaration of war against potholes by Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba last year. Mashaba says the "unusual rainy weather" has resulted in the high number of potholes this year.
#JRA With only a month to go before the financial year comes to an end, the JRA has only fixed 37% of these potholes.
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