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#loadshedding Phasiwe says they are doing everything possible to avoid loadshedding. SZ
#loadshedding Eskom has warned that there’s a risk of laodshadding this evening as its power system is severely constrained. SZ
#VBSHeist Ramaphosa's office says the VBS bank saga was brought to the attention of the president through official government channels including national treasury. SZ
#VBSHeist The Sunday Times reported yesterday that Ramaphosa was informed about the irregularities at the embattled bank during his tenure as Deputy President.
Just In: #VBSHeist The Presidency has rejected reports that President Cyril Ramaphosa failed to take action on the VBS bank scandal despite being alerted to the crisis last year. SZ
#MyCitiStrike The MyCiti bus service has been disrupted by an ongoing strike.
Drivers this morning embarked on an illegal strike. Several routes have been affected. KP
#Sandown The suspect was injured by barbed wire as he was trying to escape. CE
#Sandown One suspect tried to flee through the grounds of Sandown High School. CE
#Sandown 3 suspects have been arrested after an attempted hijacking on Grayston Drive. CE
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