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Brooke Harrington: The bad behavior of the richest: what I learned from wealth managers



The biggest lessons we learned from flipping a house (Hint: It didn't go as planned) https://t.co/6Ihbw7rZLS
If you want to learn what’s real and what’s BS in AI + ML directly from Lux’s @zavaindar as the rest of Lux team gets to—

—take his class at Stanford: “Machine Learning + Radical Empricism”.
.@KurtSchlichter on #MichaelAvenatti: “We’re gonna find out what happened here. We’re gonna hear from the accuser, we’re gonna hear from Mr. Avenatti, and we’re gonna hear about it in a courtroom... That’s what makes America great!” #TrishRegan
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Firefighters battling the numerous deadly and destructive blazes across California may finally receive some relief from Mother Nature early next week in what may become one of the most costly weather and climate disasters in United States history: https://t.co/jXnX7dzD0A
.@orbitzfounder of @journera: "The thing what excites travel managers is answer to the question "What can I do to enhance coporate traveler experience?" #Phocuswright
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