Evan Smith

Evan Smith

CEO of @texastribune. Host of @overheardpbs. Former editor of @texasmonthly. Political junkie, passable tennis player, @wilco fanboy, future ex-vegetarian.

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Pop comes out hard against restrictions on voter access passed by Texas Senate, slams @GovAbbott ⁩ @DanPatrick ⁩ @KenPaxtonTX ⁩: “They are deceitful, disingenuous, cynical and very dangerous people to our democracy” #txlege 

NEWS: Sad to report that after the brutal intensity and pace and stress of the last year, @s_m_i  @millie  have decided to step away from their roles at @TexasTribune  1/8

@s_m_i  @millieI  @TexasTribunen  a note to our staff, they cite burnout, self-care, the need for better balance between life and work, prioritizing mental health and well-being. They are not alone. This was a year that broke everybody 2/8

**These are two of the best journalism jobs in America.** We’ll be posting them soon. Stay tuned 8/8

NEW from @TexasTribAbby : After saying he has “no plans” to run for governor, @BetoORourke  quickly clarifies he actually might #txlege  #tx2022 

INBOX: @GovAbbott  issues executive order banning government-mandated vaccine passports #txlege 

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NEW from @snajmabadi : GOP Speaker@DadePhelanacks  expanding Medicaid to cover mothers for a year after they give birth #txlege 


NEW @dallasnews ⁩ @UTTyler ⁩ poll of Texas likely voters: @JoeBiden  48 @realDonaldTrump ⁩ 45 9 days out, folks 👀👀👀 #tx2020 

NEWS: @jmartNYT  says former President George W. Bush will not support the reelection of @realDonaldTrump  #tx2020 

Seriously — can every single person in the press, not just in Florida, call bullshit on this? We’re in a crisis. Stop playing games

No way @John Cornyn talks abt @realDonaldTrump  like this unless (1) he thinks the president is an albatross, (2) he thinks the president may very well lose, and (3) he thinks he — Cornyn — is in the kind of could-lose race that requires him to publicly consciously uncouple #tx2020