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#Davos2019 | "It's the first official day when everything is happening".

@sashavakulina is bringing you behind the scenes at Davos, where leaders are meeting at the World Economic Forum.

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View | How the whitewashing of Dr. King's legacy enables America's casual racists

By Kaitlin Byrd @GothamGirlBlue

Cardiff City CEO Ken Choo said the club was "very shocked" upon hearing the news of the plane carrying Sala had gone missing.

"If we wreck nature, we wreck ourselves".

Sir David Attenborough called for urgency in Davos, adding that "we are now so numerous and so powerful that we can destroy whole ecosystems without even noticing it".

Ten dead after two ships caught fire in Kerch Strait, said the Russian transport ministry.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro touted a “new Brazil” in his Davos address.

You can watch is address again here.

#RawPolitics | We want to hear from you!

➡️ Are hate crimes an issue in Europe?
➡️ Brexit: Would a referendum boost or endanger democracy?
➡️ Is Italy right to point the finger?

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#RawPolitics | Do you think hate crimes are on the rise where you live? Share your thoughts for tonight's 'Your Call'

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LIVE | Brazil President Bolsonaro speaks at World Economic Forum.

https://t.co/Rve1LoJ3Pb https://t.co/NKLoECqls2
VIEW | "Croatia’s claims that it is reforming are paper thin. What’s more, endemic corruption not only plays a key role in its financial woes but it has facilitated Russian efforts to infiltrate the Balkans."

By Theodore Karasik (@tkarasik)

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