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Latest Scoops

Female firefighters are driven by passion for the job in Kenya https://t.co/tlQS55aNtG
Massive crowds at final rallies before Turkish election https://t.co/rCK9V8csl0
BMW issues Brexit warning one day after Airbus https://t.co/fFzNdYBvNh
Blind soccer player goes for gold with Argentine team https://t.co/DqwJWpwOZa
World Cup 2018: Serbia vs Switzerland https://t.co/JPqGFdcYnt
On Sunday, Turkish voters head to the polls for unprecedented snap elections.

The results will determine two outcomes: a president with strong executive powers and a parliament with relatively reduced powers.

World Cup Live: Nigeria vs Iceland https://t.co/FbyActzc6T
EU says indebted Greece can finally "stand on its own feet" https://t.co/G4ldp0KC3b
North, South Korea agree to reunions for families split by war https://t.co/GcWJLQCW0J
Is there a way to keep doing business with Iran after US sanctions? https://t.co/oH4aCS13bH
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