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The EU stands by Ukraine, also in #AzovSea. Good discussion with PM @VGroysman today on Ukraine's reform course.
Today we need leaders who understand that their role is not only having technocratic skill and the ability to stay in power #FutureOfEurope.
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The European Union is the best political invention in our history as long as we stand by its fundamental values. Today we need leaders who can use the potential of emotions to defend these values.
My lecture at the @TU_Dortmund: https://t.co/cOTAO01M9K
Real victory means not giving-in to the logic of “us” and “them”. The European Union – the way I understand it – is founded on positive thinking and positive values.
My acceptance speech today at the @TU_Dortmund: https://t.co/7v7aMNzUAN
My remarks following the #EUCO and #EuroSummit meetings on 14 December 2018 https://t.co/mZyq5ZdWJA
My remarks after the European Council meetings on 13 December 2018 https://t.co/sTLobXTxAt
#EUCO #Brexit
EUCO requests the immediate release of all detained Ukrainian seaman, the return of vessels and free passage of all ships through the Kerch strait. #AzovSea
Decision: EU unanimously prolongs economic sanctions against Russia given zero progress in implementation of Minsk agreements.
Ahead of #EUCO I will meet PM @theresa_may for last-minute talks.
Happy to welcome President @poroshenko in Brussels again this evening. Ukraine is and will remain an important partner and good friend of the EU.
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