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Twitter channel of Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. Managed by the media team.

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Meeting with our European social partners ahead of our Tripartite Social Summit tomorrow.
Transatlantic relations are cornerstone of security and prosperity of US and EU. Given importance of our relationship, we should continue to engage with US to strengthen transatlantic economic relationship, not weaken it. DESPITE SEASONAL TURBULENCES.
Meeting with @EP_President @Antonio_Tajani ahead of #EUCO this week.
Phone call with PM @theresa_may to prepare clear message of the EU on #SalisburyAttack.
Excelente encuentro con el Presidente @marianorajoy en Madrid con vistas a la reunión #EUCO de la semana próxima.
Very good consultations with PM @marianorajoy in Madrid ahead of #EUCO next week.
Good phone call with President @AnastasiadesCY to consult ahead of next week's #EUCO.
My press statement in Helsinki with PM @juhasipila ahead of March #EUCO:
For real friends, this should be obvious: At a time of fake news spreading, meddling in our elections, and attacks on people on our soil with nerve agent, the response must not be transatlantic bickering but transatlantic unity.
I express my full solidarity with PM @theresa_may in the face of the brutal attack inspired, most likely, by Moscow. I’m ready to put the issue on next week’s #EUCO agenda.
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