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UK scientists probe Delta subvariant after rise in #Covid_19  cases #etribune 

Sources said that room air coolers and exhaust fans will also be installed in barracks of inmates before the onset of the summer, which will help in easing suffocating conditions due to heat and humidity. #etribune  #latest  #news 

The age limit for new teacher interns has been set at 20 to 50 years for male teachers and 20 to 55 years for female teachers. Candidates with a minimum education of intermediate will be hired for these schools. #etribune  #latest  #news 

The Haripur District Health Officer has issued temporary transfer and relocation orders of female and male staffers of the Basic Health Unit (BHU) Julian Khanpur following an alleged assault on a lady health worker. #etribune  #latest  #news 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies the latest news reports alluding to an agreement between Islamabad and Washington. #etribune 

Local fishermen gut aquatic animal in hopes of finding precious Ambergris. #etribune 

FIR of the incident registered, arms and explosives recovered. #etribune 


WATCH: CCTV footage of robbers in #Karachi  consoling #food  delivery man and returning his valuables after he breaks down into tears goes #viral . For more:

UK firm claims Nawaz offered bribe to stop probe of his offshore assets

A video purportedly showing the owners of a high-end restaurant in Islamabad giving a dressing down to the manager of the establishment for his inability to speak in #English  has gone #viral .

TW: Offensive Language, Racist SlursAbdul Salam Dawood, the man in the viral video who tortured a Hindu youth in Thar – including forcing him to commit sacrilege and abuse Hindu deities – has been arrested following uproar on social media. #etribune  #ArrestAbdulSalamDawood 

Man who lost wife, three children in #PIAPlaneCrash  seeks PM Imran Khan's help to find remains of his family. Arif Ali Faruqui, who identified his wife & elder daughter's bodies, also questioned handling of DNA sample by authorities

Millions of Indians will turn up at Delhi airport if US offers to settle them in America: Taliban#etribune 

BREAKING NEWS: 80-year-old Allama#TalibJohri  passes away in #Karachi . He was hospitalised and in critical condition for the past few days. Apart from being an #Islamicscholar , he was a poet, historian and philosopher