Naomi Osaka's message to Serena before they face each other in the US Open final? "I love you." ??

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Bobulinski’s accusations about the corruption of the Bidens is overwhelming. Efforts of national left wing media and big tech, social media to block the facts supporting Bobulinski’s accusations are scandalous. Carlson’s interview is a major national service.

BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump  guilty of multi-million tax fraud after failing to declare $287 million in forgiven debt to IRS. Key lender was Russian money-launderer Deutsche Bank. Justice Kennedy's son Justin was heavily involved in Trump's shady dealings.

@brikeilarcnn  on President Trump claiming that the US is “rounding the turn” on the pandemic: “The President says we’re rounding a turn? We’re rounding a turn alright. Going 90, without a seatbelt, without brakes and with a driver who refuses to keep his eyes on the road”

ONE WEEK until the General Election! If you've filled out your absentee ballot and sent it back, you're almost there! “Check the status of your voted ballot” to make sure your election office received it. Go to and select your state.

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Millions of people watched Tucker Carlson's explosive interview with Tony Bobulinski -- and not once did it trend on Twitter. Mighty shameful. #censorship 

The LAPD received approval Tuesday to begin recording and storing aerial footage of protests and other large gatherings from helicopters. Here's what we know👇👇👇 via @RectorSun 

San Francisco is preparing to deploy new unarmed mobile units comprised of paramedics, peer support counselors and mental health professionals — not police officers — to respond to most calls for people in psychiatric or substance abuse crises.

"We have to turn this around, we have to stop this. This democracy is literally being hijacked in front of our faces with no shame." @RevDrBarber  on his support for Joe Biden in 2020. #TheReidOut 

100,000 children below 5 in Yemen — about 20% — are at risk of dying from starvation, says the UN. Yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis due to war, but the pandemic and skyrocketing food prices have made things worse. The UN says we "risk losing an entire generation."

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