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  3. so this happened today. the 89-point win is the largest in women's tourney history ... by 15 points.
11 months
So this happened today.

The 89-point win is the largest in women's tourney history ... by 15 points.
So this happened today.

The 89-point win is the largest in women's tourney history ... by 15 points.


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As I’ve said from the outset, I still think it’s less likely than more likely that EK is traded by Monday’s deadline but, at this point anyway, the door is by no means entirely closed on trading him by Monday. GM Pierre Dorion and his staff are fully engaged in the process.
“The players, whether it's a derby or not, they should be going into this game full of confidence after a great win against Hull and really give it their best" 🗣💬

➡️ https://t.co/uTe3AsFdN7 #UTB
Where does today's loss to Germany rank among the most painful in Canadian Olympic history? https://t.co/r4X0dfJED0
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It's well established at this point, but it's still a big deal: fear of Steph creates a *ton* for the other dudes he plays with. Lanes for alley-oops, space to duck in from the dunker spot, room for cuts flashing into the lane, etc.
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📊 15p/4r | Last night's game was the 12th time this season @MONSTATREZZ has scored 15+ points.

📸 https://t.co/b5GkY6KwGQ
🎥 https://t.co/iwJK5zidDE
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The Rockets are the only team with multiple 10-game win streaks this season.

It’s the first time in team history that the Rockets have had multiple 10-game win streaks in a single season.
It's #FreebieFriday time! Retweet the NEXT tweet in this thread to enter to win.

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So with this Miles Bridges' stuff, not knowing the story behind the money obviously, if you’re MSU do you sit Bridges this weekend & have him pay it back to head off NCAA punishment & be ready for tourney? via https://t.co/eyWmrALkc9@freep
20-year old @DKasatkina does it again! For the second straight match she comes from a set down and saves match points to win 3-6 7-6(11) 6-1 over #Muguruza

She's into her first #DDFTennis
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