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It was an emotional day for Tiger.
Joel Embiid with the stare down 👀

(via djib2.7/Instagram)
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Drew Brees sliding into next season like ... (via @ToddDurkin)
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President Zlatan? 🤔
Jared Lorenzen was a legend at Kentucky and a Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants, but now he’s in the fight of his life.
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On This Date: The Dream Team played a secret scrimmage that'll go down in history.
You're not supposed to smile in your driver's license photo ... so one Cleveland DMV attached this to the camera.
Tiger bringing out the Sunday reds 👀
The Anaheim Ducks are bringing back the "Mighty Ducks" themed jerseys for their 25th anniversary season.

(via @AnaheimDucks)
With the rest of the @NYXL caught in a bad position, @tf2pine showed why his @overwatchleague nickname is "Big Boss."
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