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Boston and L.A. may be contending for the World Series, but the real rivalry between the cities began in the 80s with the @celtics and the @Lakers.

"Basketball: A Love Story" dives into the biggest rivalry in the NBA on ESPN starting now.
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Glen Davis weighed in after Rajon Rondo called Chris Paul a "horrible teammate."
25 years ago today, the Blue Jays trailed 6-5 with two on in Game 6 of the World Series.

Then Joe Carter stepped to the plate.
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The Panthers return to the rankings, while the Rams keep a strong hold on the top spot.

The Lakers dropped 142 points in their loss to the Spurs.

That's the most points a LeBron-led team has scored. Ever.
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Hit the half-court bucket for $30K then tried to high-five the Los Angeles Lakers 🤣
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Steph's just showing off now 😲
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OBJ x Julio Jones 🤝

(via @NFL)
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Atlanta gets the W on Monday Night!

The Falcons are the first team to hold Saquon Barkley to under 100 scrimmage yards.
PUMP THE BRAKES, @sterl_shep3!

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