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Thanks for all your great image choices! #EarthBeMine #LoveOurPlanet
'The Moon – ESA's Interactive Guide' is a web documentary with over 40 videos narrated by astronauts and scientists involved in lunar exploration. Discover the science, technology and the missions to and around our Moon. #ForwardToTheMoon See more on
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When astronauts take pictures from the @Space_Station, they capture much more than pretty pictures – they look after the health of our planet and us too. Scientists can use astronauts' nocturnal images to help fight light pollution. See #EarthBeMine
ESA and @ASI_spazio officially launched the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) in Italy yesterday. At the event, over 250 students and teachers learned about Italian and European space activities with @ESA__Education See (in Italian)
This @CopernicusEU #Sentinel-2 image show the #Maldives for our #Valentine’s-themed #LoveOurPlanet' week. Arguably one of the most romantic destinations in the world, these low-lying islands are particularly vulnerable to sea-level rise... #EarthbeMine
Today's #EarthFromSpace features the Maldives, the jewels of the Indian Ocean! Far more valuable than any diamond ring, the #Maldives are also an ecosystem at risk. 📽️ Discover their beauty in our latest @ESA_EO episode:

Don't forget to tag the astronaut and credit the source if known! We'll start you off - here's one of our faves by @astro_timpeake (ESA/NASA) #EarthBeMine
Yesterday we asked our astronauts to tweet their fave pics of #Earth, like this one by @astro_paolo that he took in 2017. But what are YOUR favourite views of Earth taken by astronauts? Let us know here - use #EarthBeMineBe!
#ValentinesDay greetings from our friend, French actress Eva Green @EvaGreenWeb, who enjoyed shooting #AliceWinocour’s #Proxima film at #ESA's EAC last year. "Happy Valentine's Day, may your day be filled with love & kindness," says Eva (pic: #EarthBeMine

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A beautiful #winter wonderland... on #Mars! This ice-filled crater was imaged by our Mars Express spacecraft. Korolev crater is 82 kilometres across and found in the northern lowlands of Mars.
More images:
50 years ago today, #Apollo8 astronaut Bill Anders captured the iconic #Earthrise image of Earth rising above the lunar horizon, changing how we see our place in the Universe (🎥 produced by @oneshot_now).
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For those of you asking - yes it is water ice.

Mars Express first detected water on #Mars in 2004, see our release at the time More recently, the spacecraft detected liquid water under the planet’s south pole, see:
Fantastic news @philae2014 is awake! Details in @ESA_Rosetta blog #WakeUpPhilae
From green to brown in a month - as the #heatwave continues, the #Sentinel3 mission reveals how vegetation colour has changed in just one month.

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@esa 11 months
"Space, here I come" - remembering world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who showed us there are no limits to achieving our dreams. Our thoughts are with his family.
Top 20: a selection of @astro_timpeake 's best photos
Got clear skies? Look for #meteors! The #Geminids peak tonight. Guide: via @SkyandTelescope
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