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Here's my preview of ‘Kena: Bridge Of Spirits’ which comes out on PlayStation and PC this coming week. via @forbes 

The Call Of Duty Vanguard beta is open to everyone starting today. #CallofDutyVanguardBeta 

I see some folk still asking for a #CallofDutyVanguardBeta  code. It's an open beta now so you don't need any codes to play. It's also been extended 48 hours so plenty of time to play it!

Here's my review of #TheWalkingDead  S11E5 which was almost morbidly ok.

So far, Season 11 of #TheWalkingDead  is just proving how badly this show needs to end.

Mocking anti-vaxxers on Twitter won't convince people to get vaccinated, by @erikkain 


Here's my very long piece on the outrage mob's attempt, without any evidence, to smear and even try to ban the game Six Days In Fallujah and spread mistruths about its devs #SixDaysInFallujah  #SixDaysOfWarCrimes 

This whole GameStop stock market rebellion is more than just trolling. It's personal for a lot of people. And that includes people across the political spectrum.

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Cultural appropriation is such a bullshit term. Yes, it's possible to be disrespectful of other cultures absolutely. Call it that. Call it disrespectful. But telling stories about other cultures, enjoying their food, etc. is not disrespect or appropriation.

Well here's some very, very good news for fans of #TheDragonPrince , so glad to see Netflix committing to this saga!

@BenKuchera say it to my face Ben.

If you don't believe in the idea that people are innocent until proven guilty you have a fundamental moral shortcoming. I understand knee jerk reactions, I have those too, but confronted with other sides to a story why not listen?

For real though, this is why we can't have nice things. #Xbox20  #XboxBethesda  #Xbox  #E32021  #HaloInfinite  #Cortana 

A new tabletop RPG 'Tales of Xadia' powered by the Cortex system is on the way, bringing some good dice-throwing fun to The Dragon Prince universe. #TheDragonPrince 

American wokeness = cultural colonization. It's a weird mind-frame that ignores the fact that there are cultures outside of America and the anglocentric world.