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@CNN politics reporter, author of Nightcap (get it: http://cnn.it/nightcap). Louisville born, Indiana raised. Ex-@politico, @courierpress. eric.bradner@cnn.com

Latest Scoops

Did a bit in my weekly 2020 note on the @BernieSanders blowback re single-payer timing. Those fears didn't age well. https://t.co/EqNJIlFTe4
McCain is a NO on #GrahamCassidy. "I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal," he says in a statement.
Strong stuff from @ErikWemple on Jimmy Kimmel vs. #GrahamCassidy — particularly this section. https://t.co/nzcRx4LQJt
Strange to Moore: "Many of the people who are supporting you look like the unemployment line at the White House. They were fired." #ALSen
Moore on Trump: "I appreciate his order saying no more transgender troops in the military, which I said even before he said it." #ALSen
Moore bashes Strange for following the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling. "Soon as Obergefell came down, he caved. He did not stand." #ALSen
Here's Roy Moore in tonight's #ALSen debate bashing transgender troops, inclusiveness, saying sodomy and sexual perversion "sweep our land":
Roy Moore says that "...abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land." #ALSen
Moore says he wants a military "free from political correctness and social experimentation like transgender troops in our bathrooms." #ALSen
Luther Strange starts a moderator-free #ALSen debate bragging that he talked to Trump for 30 minutes last night. On their relationship:
How @DeanHeller's summer of reversals on health care is dogging him in his #NVSen re-election. https://t.co/AuByEEeVL6
McConnell-aligned super PAC Senate Leadership Fund spent another $830K to boost Strange vs. Roy Moore today. That's $3.2M this month. #ALSen
Why Trump urging Scott to run for #FLSen was ill-timed, cont'd — from @DeFede:
Dana Rohrabacher had some odd things to say to @joegarofoli about #Charlottesville. #CA48 https://t.co/SRkq1NL6R1
California wants to pick the 2020 Dem nominee. Quick look at the strategic/delegate implications of a March primary: https://t.co/rLxjqN4NjX
Good excuse for a party!
And importantly, he doesn't answer the question of which taxes would be increased, and by how much. Says that's for a separate bill later.
Another Obama tidbit: His third event will be a fundraiser for @RalphNortham. No date/location set yet, Northam aide says. #VAGovhttps://t.co/YREQEqsX97
A little payback for Bannon taking on McConnell and Senate Republican incumbents...
And then NH's Bill Gardner calmly but publicly hits him, saying the state's 2016 results are valid and Kobach was factually off-base. 2/2
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