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A growing chorus of voices outside of Minister Navdeep Bains’s office in Mississauga calling on the Fed Government to bring Canadian citizen Yasser Albaz home. He has been held w/o charge in an Egyptian prison for almost a year and a half and is now showing symptoms of COVID-19.

A dozen or so family and community members are calling for justice outside the building where 62-year-old Ejaz Ahmed Choudhry was killed after police entered his unit as part of response to crisis call. The SIU have now taken carriage of the investigation. @CityNews 

Choudhary’s nephew, Hassan, says his uncle had schizophrenia and was also physically very ill - couldn’t move without assistance. Says initially ambulance was called because he wasn’t taking his medication.

Muslim Council of Peel will address media shortly along with members of Choudry’s family.

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Premier Ford comments on SIU investigation into shooting death of 62yo Ejaz Choudry by Peel police officer. Says he has confidence in SIU.