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Say goodbye to #SingleParents , #Schooled  and more and get the scoop on ABC's new & returning shows

ABC has ordered two new series for the 2020/2021 season: a mystery thriller from David E. Kelley, and a multicam starring Kyra Sedgwick.

#ProdigalSon has been renewed! Keep up with all the renewed and canceled shows right here:

Nick Jonas has as surprise for an EMT and her family in this clip from tomorrow's episode of #RegularHeroes .

Ryan Murphy has reimagined #Glee  starring Ben Platt & Beanie Feldstein...and wants to make it

#90DayFiance: #HappilyEverAfter  is coming back in June and the drama is running high in this exclusive sneak peek

Having any feline problems since you've been stuck at home? #MyCatFromHell  & @JacksonGalaxy  are coming to help with a new special

Parting is such sweet sorrow...but will this #90DayFiance  #Beforethe90Days  couple survive it?

#CelebrityFamilyFeud is back and Antoni Porowski might have started his own feud with Steve Harvey in this new promo.

The new #GossipGirl  has been delayed, along with most Hollywood productions.


Attention @MTVteenwolf  fans: @ColtonLHaynes  still wants to know where @tylergposey  is getting his juice. #SDCC 

James Corden wants you to stay at home—and he's hosting a musical special with #BTS , Billie Ellish and more to encourage just that:

Behind the scenes of and 's reenactment...let's just #TeenWolfsay  it took a couple of takes. ?

Forget love, @colinodonoghue1  doesn't stand a chance against @LanaParrilla  for Best Musical Moment. ❤️

Attention #WynonnaEarp  fans: had an important question for during a little game of Truth or Dare at . #SDCC 

Congratulations are finally in order for the 2019 #TVsTopCouple  winners, #Aristemo !

You voted her Girl On Top, so naturally changed her name to because she's #GirlOnTophe  boss now. (According to her.)

It's time to hand out some official congratulations to #TopTVCouple2018  winners Hilal and Leon #hileon ) from Wounded Love! ❤️

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Alpha Male Madness WINNER has a message for fans! #The100 '>I #The100  you need us, we'll be watching this video for the rest of the day...