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Latest Scoops

Kelly Ripa's holiday card is her best yet. https://t.co/QRjqb1bvpm
"I think just the show ending is going to send all of the world into professional help." - #GameofThrones' Gwendoline Christie https://t.co/8JO5lzaXzt
Remember when Milo Ventimiglia (graciously) gave viewers a glimpse of his butt in #ThisIsUs? Here's how he prepared for it: "You talk to yourself and say, 'Motherf--ker, just be cool!'" https://t.co/vN2u6CFOIs
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Mel B reveals the painful way she cut her ex out of her life tonight on #Enews.
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"I think it's about seeing your friend happy and that's when you know." - Leah Remini https://t.co/HWIGrgmCuQ
Who would you like to see on the Today Show next to Hoda Kotb? https://t.co/RsqGJ76vTp
Some people think the secret love letter Kendall Jenner received could be from none other than Harry Styles. https://t.co/VPZNPPThgH
Well, well, well, how the turntables. Get a look inside the Welcome to Marwen premiere with Steve Carrell and Leslie Mann tonight on #Enews.
Meghan Markle breaks royal protocol again. The Queen's reaction is on #Enews tonight.
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