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Latest Scoops

Adrienne Bailon knows a thing or two about girl groups after 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, but what does she think about Fifth Harmony going on hiatus?
Love, Simon is like rom-coms that you've seen before—with one majorly overdue difference: https://t.co/0cqmcX0ZG9
Logic has confirmed his split from Jessica Andrea after two years of marriage: "It just didn't work out. There is no anger involved." https://t.co/GdH3ZumIUd
Married At First Sight's Sam Role is expecting her first child with Chris Wise: "I can't wait to see where this beautiful journey takes us!" https://t.co/ej0bnsXHlO
Demi Lovato opened up to Dr. Phil about how she contemplated suicide when she was 7 years old: https://t.co/B4hU72Gth6
Multiple people in the house know, therefore our audience should know the truth that the cast did a dramatic reading of the "anonymous" letter and it's Oscar worthy: https://t.co/xvNO7De1Xh
On her way to talk about fixing the subway, Cynthia Nixon got delayed on the subway. https://t.co/T3BI70Jqwd
Sam, Multiple people in the house know, therefore you should know the truth: https://t.co/lGVhejsXXs
We love a good Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard moment. https://t.co/pgSTdczojm
What do Aubrey O'Day, Kanye West, and the Dixie Chicks have in common? They've all been now been embroiled in a political controversy. https://t.co/z5y6e0gF79
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