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Latest Scoops

The end of #TheBachelorette is near, so we want your opinion (and rose? 🌹): Who do you want to be the next bachelor?
We love a good Chris Harrison advice session. #TheBachelorette
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Us running to get more popcorn during commercial break after seeing that preview. #TheBachelorette
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Tag yourself. We're Blake's hair in high school. #TheBachelorette
Jason is in love. This is not a drill. #TheBachelorette
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The Bachelorette Picks Her Fantasy Suite Dates https://t.co/bp3FM2pc8u
It's #TheBachelorette Monday, so it's only fitting that our last bachelorette (and queen, tbh) @TheRachLindsay and Bryan Abasolo take over our Instagram story for this week's episode. Follow along: https://t.co/1hb61NCCl1
Choose your player. #TheBachelorette
Inside Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's Hawaiian Vacation With Baby Stormi https://t.co/z5ZchuXtnq
Can we be the fifth wheel? https://t.co/pox5mohfl4
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