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"We will be impeaching the President of the United States tomorrow, " says @Ocasio2018  . "While it's a little late for some Republicans to scramble together a reputation... maybe you should vote to impeach him because he's an active threat to every single American. "

"You're either with the people, or you're with that mob." And on that note, @AOC  ends her powerful monologue and is onto IG Live Q&A.

The Trump presidency began with “pussy,” and it will end with “pussy.” @EmilyRPeck  and I wrote about the profound gender anxiety of the Trump era.

"Consequences are the only way that they will stop contributing to violence... So they need to go. They need to get out." @AOC 


@Ocasio2018  just told viewers on Instagram Live that she had a "close encounter" during the attacks on the Capitol in which she thought she might die. Said she cannot disclose full details out of security concerns.

"radical environmental agenda" = I hope this planet will exist and be habitable in 50 years

AOC also says that she didn't feel safe going to the safe room and sheltering with other members of Congress, because she felt some of them might disclose her location to rioters and put her in danger.

Kesha's story is proof that even being famous doesn't free you from a system that's hostile to victims #FreeKesha 

"Wednesday was an extremely traumatizing event. And it was not an exaggeration to say that many members of the House were nearly assassinated. " @Ocasio2018 

America: Where men are free to acquire machine guns, and women are restricted from making medical decisions

Here's a clip of @AOC  discussing (at least a segment of) the GOP's deep attachment to supremacy:

How many times does it have to be pointed out that men who commit mass shootings overwhelmingly have a history of abusing women?

@AOC  addresses Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley specifically: "You do not belong in the United States Senate."

"Their lust for power has driven them away from their loyalty to democracy. It's not just Trump who has to go," says @AOC .