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Emily Nussbaum

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See, this is why I have to watch 30 min of TikTok before I go to bed.

The press definitely treated Britney Spears horribly. But it's not some ancient story of misogynist horror—and in certain ways, things seem worse now, because of social media. Every feed is a tabloid; every phone is a paparazzo.

Appreciate this daring homage to football's CTE issue.

LOL, just watched an episode of The Dating Game in which the prize was a trip to glamorous... Roanoke, VA. That seems more like a punishment. <Preparing to be ratio'd by Roanoke.>

Buffy is my formative TV show, a show that meant & means a lot to me. It's intensely depressing to hear how Whedon treated his cast, behind the scenes—and I'm grateful to Charisma Carpenter for speaking out about it.

The really notable thing was how panicked Mike Lee seemed about doing *anything* that seemed less than utterly submissive to Trump.

Very much on board for this harsh @thehighsign  interrogation of Promising Young Woman:

Ugly men get to be powerful every day, after all. It’s the analogue to the great Bella Abzug line: “Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an assistant professor, it is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly promoted as a male schlemiel.”

Stop. Reviving. Old. TV Shows. Except. Quantum Leap. With. Uzo. Aduba.


Dr. Birx is going to leave a horrible legacy. It's one thing to be a cynical paid fixer. It's worse, in my eyes, to be the expert who props up the mad king. I get that it's an emergency & I understand the theoretical strategy she may think she's pursuing, but it's a moral horror.

The more I think about it, the more impressed I am that Michelle Wolf did such a harsh act WITHOUT insulting any woman's looks. She aimed straight at the white female enforcers & never once suggested that anyone was a bimbo or a dog—like the man they work for surely would have.

I'm glad that AOC is being so direct about this. It's no joke: these guys egged on a movement that tried, quite literally, to murder her, Pelosi, Pence and so on. The idea of "moving on" from that is ridiculous. There was a noose hanging outside the capitol three weeks ago!

This really does remind me that the most dangerous period in an abusive marriage is when you leave.

Trump is not "somber," he's not "acknowledging facts" or "deferring to experts." I doubt he even has a friend in a coma. His goal is strategic: to erase history (his week-ago Easter statement) & nudge the definition of success so he meets it.

I wish just one person standing there would yell out, “I can’t do this anymore! This guy is crazy, it’s obvious, it’s dangerous, it’s not funny.”

This is what not impeaching the president leads to: The shrugging expectation that everyone is corrupt and even objecting to it is being a prig. It’s the central goal of The Grifter’s administration—numbness and kleptocracy.

When Pence's wife is doing is disgusting. It's no different than if she took a job at a racially segregated school. And people should view it that way.

Jaw dropping. That lowest IQ crack about asylum seekers returning to the authorities is a) racist b) factually wrong c) part of his *life-long* eugenics obsession & d) directly related to his central belief that anyone who follows rules (or pays taxes) is a dummy.