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Emily Nussbaum

TV Critic for The New Yorker. “I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through The TV Revolution.” https://t.co/DaI3zWvv1Q

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@abby_gov  Threw a terrified tantrum at a supermarket because I’d eaten a blue gumball and thought I would turn into a blueberry like that kid in Willie Wonka.

Big thanks to a super-jetlagged @robdelaney  for being such a funny, thoughtful, generous guest at the New Yorker Festival—and thank you to the warm & enthusiastic audience for your great questions. 🦑

"She broke a thousand heirlooms/I was never meant to keep."

"In Giuliani’s fevered alternative reality, Ukraine’s most stalwart foes of corruption are actually corruption’s embodiment." Another clear-headed, illuminating column by @michelleinbklyn , this one reported from Kiev:

It’s pretty stupid now much I like the song Simple Joys but also true. PS (Currently in a cab after 3 beers, which is my limit, I’m a lightweight.)

"I've had worse experiences at a hotel. I once stayed at a Marriott." #succession 

Fabbbulous finale... with just few perfect slivers of Geromani to satisfy twisted niche viewers like myself.


The more I think about it, the more impressed I am that Michelle Wolf did such a harsh act WITHOUT insulting any woman's looks. She aimed straight at the white female enforcers & never once suggested that anyone was a bimbo or a dog—like the man they work for surely would have.

This is what not impeaching the president leads to: The shrugging expectation that everyone is corrupt and even objecting to it is being a prig. It’s the central goal of The Grifter’s administration—numbness and kleptocracy.

When Pence's wife is doing is disgusting. It's no different than if she took a job at a racially segregated school. And people should view it that way.

Call a lie a lie. Call a money launderer a money launderer. Call a racist statement a racist statement. That’s what language is FOR.

Honestly, among the most damning and suspicious things is that he has no idiotic nickname for Putin.

Someone on FB just posted this all-female version of the Presidents, using that face-swap app.

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Anyone else having trouble absorbing all the terrible news and getting your work done and sleeping through the night and reading all the books and watching all the TV shows?

Paul Rudd, what dark bargain have you cut with the Gods of Time.