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Mom. Wife. Host of Bloomberg Technology & Studio 1.0, interviews with influencers you need to know.

Latest Scoops

Uber's Chief Legal Officer @_TonyWest_ says they're "definitely" considering ending forced arbitration for discrimination cases as well -- wide-ranging convo from sexual assault to Saudi Arabia to IPOhttps://t.co/YQq8aXZcU9
"Relentless" -- the co-founder of Siri @Dagk says Steve Jobs called him 37 DAYS IN A ROW, and at midnight, to get the deal done...but has she/he/it lived up to expectations? https://t.co/i5lXZGbDHg
Coming up! Our exclusive with @Uber’s Chief Legal Officer @tonywest — @BloombergTV 2pPT
Jeff Bezos will be spending a lot of time at both new headquarters says Amazon SVP Jay Carney, and pushes back on criticism they took advantage of cities in this process https://t.co/8CZqz2ryU6
You could never recreate me in AI!!! Um, right??
Incoming @limebike @jkraus — will scooters be the next Segway or the next Uber?? What happens in the winter? And interesting how they are working to make scooters work for both women and men https://t.co/RQ9BNho86a
What will @23andMe's newly approved drug-response test look like? @annewoj23 weighs in on the promise, and the controversy, behind "pharmacogenetics" at the @brkthroughprize ceremony https://t.co/P7e5Czfvv0
Facebook's crisis is just a "little bump in the road" -- My chat with billionaire investor @yurimilner about social media, space and the next big thing at the @brkthroughprize ceremony https://t.co/Z4G2xUhzB3
My colleagues are updating this super-cool live blog focused on tech-related updates to the midterms, from cyber to social media. Check it out https://t.co/31SbbVIJhQ
At the 7th annual @brkthroughprize awards with @yurimilner aka the “Oscars of Science” — and nearly my 7th time interviewing him here in a tux (lost count)!
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