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Mom. Wife. Host of Bloomberg Technology & Studio 1.0, interviews with influencers you need to know.

Latest Scoops

Apple may have stopped using Qualcomm chips but CEO Steve Mollenkopf wouldn't quite call it "bitter" -- an update from him on their giant legal battle (and more to come on Studio 1.0 next week) https://t.co/Xi0Fi1AHPx
Rare interview with @Visa CEO Al Kelly — on rapidly changing payments landscape, swipe fees, Amazon, Apple Pay, blockchain and more! https://t.co/O1mD57NxCQ
With Mayor @LondonBreed at the Global Climate Action Summit talking energy, housing, and of course scooters!! On @BloombergTV 2pPT
Up phone and personal!!! In order, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR (Red edition)
All because of new phones and watches...
It’s go time! Your @BloombergTV team with live coverage from Apple starting...now!
Happy Apple Day!!! Live special coverage starting on @BloombergTV at 10amPT/1pET!
Where women make the first move...@bumble_ap@WhitWolfeHerdp’s on the taking on Tinder, Facebook, and turning gender norms upside dhttps://t.co/MFVxTA9Vvmown
Always love catching up with @atomfactory’s Troy Carter! Catch him on the show Monday on the future of music steaming and more #INBOUND18
About to go on-stage with THE founder of the #metoo movement. Thank you @TaranaBurke!!!#INBOUND18
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