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Prof at Columbia J School. Director - Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia Journalism School. Writes for : @CJR @Guardian also co-host @trickypodcast

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The Supreme Court of Facebook (with the parish council remit) is here as @OversightBoard ⁩ will in fact launch in time to handle the US election

Couple of interesting details, the multilingual capabilities of the dashboard including (checks notes) two types of English. ...Also a press officer stepping in to stop pesky personal opinions clouding the launch (do NDAs count for something here too?)

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Does anyone know how many newsrooms are running threat modeling exercises on the US election - which go beyond disaster recovery and technical contingencies?

Useful reporting guidelines by @PostBaron ⁩ on covering hacked or leaked material - a long way from ‘publish and be damned’. Third party platform publishing strategy (social media) is not mentioned - though assuming posting is treated similarly

Wait....do these rules.......scale? If not - maybe don’t apply them . Isn’t that the FB moderation standard?

What’s in your newsfeed? Can it really be true? What about the fact checks? Great ⁦ @donie ⁩ report from a Trump Rally on what it feels like to be losing the unwinnable ‘war on misinformation’

!! @jayrosen_nyu ⁩ of course has already written this up (threat modeling) my only defence in not catching it at the time was it was pub bed on my birthday. Still - it’s good! Newsrooms should read it

Why...are....people......in ....pubs?

We now just automatically refer to 6pm to 7pm as ‘rat hour’.....

....I would definitely want to go to their holiday party


podcast genres : 1. Men going on about things. 2. Whispery crime 3.Millennials talking over each other 4. Should be 20 minutes shorter

dilemma of the Wolff book for journalism commentators : those who said press should break the rules, not normalize Trump, call it what it is etc., did not anticipate the most effective route to that would be by pulling off the most audacious act of access journalism of all time

Radio 4 Today programme : ‘Later we are going to be hearing from Steve Bannon’ WHY ? Why would you give him airtime?

The @nytimes  online presentation of its stunning front page is a wonderful piece of work too. The scroll has dignity and impact

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Imagining the discussion among the FB comms team ‘Omg - how do we stop this story ?? It spread so quickly! and some of it isn’t even right! people are just sharing it regardless- saying it’s a breach and it’s not!..clicking those angry face emojis ..what can we do? ‘

Every journalist needs to share this. @mariaressa  has been a beacon of energetic reporting in Duterte’s dark world

I have read so many predictions and trends about journalism in the past few weeks. The most significant trend, mostly unacknowledged, is that of politicians realizing they do not need to provide access or engagement with journalists, or even tell the truth, to be electable

The best cold open I have seen to a news show from @maitlis 

As we go into 2020, the local vulnerability of journalism is acute . The problem is policy makers have little interest in mending a system which suits them to be broken

Terrific piece by @columbiajourn  academic dean @SheilaCoronel  on both @mariaressa  and the crushing of press freedom in the Philippines