Is the party over for boozers in the Balearics? The regional government on the islands has passed a strict law cracking down on alcohol-based tourism, including bar crawls, cheap drink offers and party boats

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MyPOV: the age of robots has arrived (again). #autonomousdecade  Weird gray cylinder roaming around.’ Robots are invading supermarkets, doing tasks like cleaning spills—and creeping out some shoppers.

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New #Texans  from Houston ChronicleMcClain: Don’t forget receiver in Texans offseason plans

No Mandalorian? No problem: How to fill the #StarWars  void in your life

What a day for Baylor sports. No. 1 men host No. 3 Kansas. Afterward, No. 2 Lady Bears host Oklahoma. Across the parking lot, baseball and softball teams are hosting games, too. It’s a madhouse! Sic ‘Em!

Question: Since the Earth is rotating, how is it that planes flying in the same direction can still reach their destination? Answer, thanks to @MazroueiSara : What’s your science question? Ask us!

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