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The Spanish Cabinet is meeting today to approve a new state of alarm, which will give the regions a legal framework to implement coronavirus restrictions. The emergency measure is likely to be used to impose curfews across the country

The reactionary speech in Spanish Congress by Vox leader Santiago Abascal, and the incendiary tone he used, are cause for deep concern in a country experiencing a deepening health, economic and institutional crisis, writes @elpais_opinion  in this editorial

Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez has said he is willing to lift the state of alarm in four months, instead of six, if coronavirus figures improve by that time. The proposal comes amid criticism that the move to extend the measure until May 9 is an abuse of power

[1/7] The coronavirus is spread through the air, especially in indoor spaces, and scientists now openly acknowledge the role played by aerosols in the pandemic. EL PAÍS recreated three common settings to see how contagion works, and above all how to prevent it 👇

[1/7] There has been a lot of interest in this article on the airborne transmission of the coronavirus but have you seen the other specials that we have published about the pandemic?

Studies show that 10% of coronavirus cases are responsible for 80% of new infections. But in Spain, only 12% of diagnoses are linked to known outbreaks. Here is an explanation of the K factor, and why it matters where we are infected with the virus

Coronavirus latest: - New cases hit record high of 25,595 - 239 victims added to death toll in Friday's ministry report - Incidence only falling in Canaries, Madrid and Melilla - Percentage of hospital beds occupied by Covid patients also at new high


More than 920 people in Spain have been arrested for breaking the rules of the coronavirus lockdown since the state of alarm was declared 10 days ago. Authorities also warned that "dozens" of cyberattacks were tying to take advantage of the crisis

Spanish investigators have linked an attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid to the CIA. At least two of the 10 assailants who broke into the embassy and interrogated diplomatic staff have connections to the US intelligence agency

BREAKING: The Spanish Supreme Court has sentenced nine Catalan separatist leaders to between nine and 13 years in prison after finding them guilty of sedition in connection with the unilateral breakaway attempt of October 2017

Have you heard of the Turkish celebrity chef "Salt Bae"? Much of Venezuela no doubt will have by today, after a video of President Nicolás Maduro enjoying a meal at his restaurant went viral, in the midst of the ongoing food crisis back home

Spain has announced that it is going to carry out a mass testing campaign in order to get a more realistic picture of the spread of the coronavirus. According to the Health Ministry, more than 90% of cases have not been registered

Conditions on the Spanish rescue ship ‘Open Arms’ continue to deteriorate with the migrants on board becoming increasingly desperate to reach shore. Spain has offered the vessel two ports but the NGO is insisting on docking in Italy, just 800 meters away