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  3. the *real* money comes from merchandising. i learned it from this documentary
The *real* money comes from merchandising. I learned it from this documentary https://t.co/E4gpqhl6KF


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Looking forward to the argument with my brother a week from now reminding him he needs to be back at the house for gifts at 9am not 11am. No really dude, we're going to wait for you this year.
By the time you have finished reading this tweet, the @McAfee Global Threat Intelligence team has collected 10+ new #malware samples. More from @ChristiaanBeek on our latest Threats Report. https://t.co/lEfZLFVdSd
Take a 5 second video doing this act of love and kindness or any other, upload it to your Facebook timeline with the caption #MomentsOfCare and WIN gifts from Mobitel!
Entries close on Christmas Day!
*T&C Apply.
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