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  3. the *real* money comes from merchandising. i learned it from this documentary
The *real* money comes from merchandising. I learned it from this documentary https://t.co/E4gpqhl6KF


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3D printing is innovating how we make new and advanced products, but how do you jump from innovating products to innovating your entire business? Learn more with the #Stratasys team during this webinar on Oct 25: https://t.co/vdtelxEV0N
Love this, the first in a new series from @VergeVideo. @russellbrandom explains how streaming video services are gearing up to make you pay more because they won’t license content to each other.

This Fall, #EXPLORER is bringing the world to your screen. Watch along as our correspondents shed light on unique stories from around the globe. The newest season of Explorer returns November 12 at 8/7c.
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Check out my latest Spektrum Radio Podcast to hear some of the latest tracks I've been playing in my sets all over the world 🌍

This episode features new music from the likes of @MaceoPlex @Fehrplay @edxMusic + loads more. Listen on my Soundcloud 👇🏻

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Think the print industry is on its knees? This can’t be further from the truth https://t.co/n1HRBPiDeK
Party spirit was very much in evidence at this London show from the Spanish singer https://t.co/YLkwTk8Hni
The @WSJ's Future of Everything section is soliciting pitches from freelancers. It is *great fun* to write for and they *pay.* I can think of a dozen of you, at least, who would be perfect for this gig. Pitch Stan dot Parish at dowjones dot com.

As many as 160,000 people in India downloaded and installed one of these Android Trojans posing as online bank apps.

One of the apps claimed to be used for a cash courier service that physically delivered money from an ATM. It did--just not to victims
Curiosity first sparked Niranjana Nagarajan’s interest in science. But for this biopharmaceutical researcher from @Celgene, the path to new medicines is a long one. See how she’s breaking down barriers to pave a path of scientific discovery: https://t.co/cVUAA6YVGI #GoBoldly
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"The reluctance to take risks comes from many directions,” writes Lisa Ranghelli of @NCRP. https://t.co/mFEd5n0dgf
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