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  3. the *real* money comes from merchandising. i learned it from this documentary
The *real* money comes from merchandising. I learned it from this documentary https://t.co/E4gpqhl6KF


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The best line to hit my inbox from the Musk defenders so far: “......without his help we on this planet are doomed.”
The only goal for this ship? Collect samples from distant worlds!
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From @AlisonDeNisco @TechRepublic
This has to be the last Amazon Prime Day that doesn't borrow from Alibaba's Single's Day playbook and leverage their entertainment assets (video, etc) to create an experience beyond transactions #prime https://t.co/7gL6a61xR0 https://t.co/uJ3x4FJtxk
This seemed treasonous from my basic understanding of things. Am I wrong? Like is this real life?
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