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The sun is an immense thermonuclear explosion fyi

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We need a very large take up of whatever vaccines are approved. Bluntly, we need to make those who opt out to know they are opting out of sport, education, travel, socialising and in-person shopping. If that takes a mandatory passport showing your jabbed, so be it #CovidVaccine 

I imagine there's a almost 100% overlap between the antivaxxers and the herd immunity crowd.

The UK has spent more money fighting Covid-19 than almost all comparable countries but still languishes towards the bottom of league tables of economic performance in 2020 and deaths caused by the virus, according to @FT  research. @ChrisGiles_ 

Romila Thapar on my kindle. Many more which aren’t on kindle. Start with Early India.

thread replies mainly people relitigating Brexit... calculation above is sovereignty neutral. UK will regain 100% control, but trade negotiation now is over what proportion UKG decides EU fleet should continue to be allowed to fish. calculation puts a value on negotiation range..

Artists want to turn the Sunday after Thanksgiving into Black Friday for art

Warning lights are flashing for Big Tech as they did for banks

The U.K.'s biggest supermarkets put aside their usual festive rivalries to make a stand against racism, after a Sainsbury's Christmas ad featuring a Black family was met with offensive comments on social media. @OliviaGKA  reports