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This will sound super obvious, but Genesis & Oblivion
I am not cool
The one about to come out called So Heavy i fell through the earth
Was sad to see G getting tons of undeserved flak because of me, so I’m glad there’s some good too ♥️🎼🐇. Her music is incredible.
Thanks. Not super fun right now 😔
@CateLuvsLondon @Aceinmysleeve1 @ericbrownzzz @dmatkins137 @ShayneRarma @NASA None of those criteria are certain by themselves, but when taken together & messages have an obv agenda, it almost always indicates use of a network of self-validating troll accounts
@Aceinmysleeve1 @ericbrownzzz @dmatkins137 @ShayneRarma @NASA Troll dead giveaways: not using real names, obv fake pics & backgrounds, low follower/follow ratio, account recently created, repeating same phrases, etc (sigh)
Great idea!
@annerajb @ericbrownzzz @dmatkins137 @ShayneRarma @NASA Will do it later this year. Too much on plate right now. Will be available as an upgrade from service.
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