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Rest in peace, Stan Lee. The many worlds of imagination & delight you created for humanity will last forever.
Scary sign of times to come. It will get worse.
@kenlacovara Agreed, technically, mined hydrocarbons come primarily from ancient, decayed marine organisms & partially from geological processes (CH4 particularly)
Makes me so mad when smart, ethical scientists I know are accused of publishing climate papers for “grant money”. They earn 🥜 vs their other opportunities, but give that up to help world. But their accusers make billions by slowing down clean energy. Which is more credible?
@Greg_Virginia That is true & should be applauded. Right move is for oil companies truly to think of themselves as energy companies, but move rapidly towards clean, sustainable energy. Means lower profits short-term, but will make them stronger long-term.
We know we’ll run out of dead dinosaurs to mine for fuel & have to use sustainable energy eventually, so why not go renewable now & avoid increasing risk of climate catastrophe? Betting that science is wrong & oil companies are right is the dumbest experiment in history by far …https://t.co/TvyuDBf3lR
Because people on the ground know more about what’s actually needed than politicians do
@PlayMoreOffical Good, but not hospital grade. S & X were designed to be proof against an actual bioweapon attack. Requires a giant filter with separate acid & alkaline gas neutralization layers. Not enough room in Model 3.
If Tesla can help people in California wildfire, please let us know. Model S & X have hospital grade HEPA filters. Maybe helpful for transporting people.
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