Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

United States Senator from Massachusetts

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Thank you @BernieSanders,  for fighting so relentlessly for America’s working families during this campaign. Your fight for progressive ideas moved the conversation and charted a path for candidates and activists that will change the course of our country and party.

That fight does not end today. We’ll continue it together in the Senate and keep working to hold the wealthy and well-connected accountable to the people.

Small business owners are pleading for help—but the Payment Protection Program created to help America’s small businesses stay afloat and keep their workers on payroll has been nothing but a fiasco since its launch.

Congress needs to act swiftly to fix the problems with this program and eliminate the cap on the total amount of money to keep workers employed. The government should guarantee that every small business that qualifies will get the help they desperately need—full stop.

One of the many messages of Passover is hope over hardship. May Jewish communities around the country and around the world find joy this Passover—even though this year’s celebrations may look and feel very different. Chag Sameach.

We’ve debated the role of government since our founding—but the time for cheap political shots at government is over. Congress must end recess to get back to work on the direct government actions we need to save lives and our economy. Here are my ideas:

Coronavirus poses a threat to free and fair elections. We need vote by mail. We need online and same-day registration. We need extended early voting and hours. We need real money for governments to administer elections safely.


Back in July, I warned an economic crash could be coming. One serious shock would be enough—and the Trump administration's incompetent response to the coronavirus is already weakening our economy.

Our economy was already showing cracks before the coronavirus. But an incompetent administration leading the response, engaged in magical thinking, is only making this crisis worse.

I am deeply concerned about the threat that coronavirus poses. Trump’s stumbling response is putting American lives and the economy at greater risk. I offered a plan ten days ago, and today I updated it based on the latest data and expert recommendations.

Airline executives spent billions on stock buybacks and are now asking taxpayers for billions. We need to help airline workers, but that money should come with serious long-term change to the companies—no more buybacks, a $15 minimum wage, and more.

To every nurse, doctor, and health care professional, to every grocery worker keeping the shelves stocked, to every first responder, every domestic worker, and everyone who is on the front lines of this crisis, we are so grateful for everything you're doing.

Our obligation, our moral imperative, is to save lives. If people are forced out of their homes too early and thousands or millions more people die because hospitals and health care providers are overwhelmed, there won't be an economy left to save.

Insider trading to profit off a pandemic isn’t just morally reprehensible—it’s illegal. We need a serious investigation into these allegations and immediate accountability.

This is ridiculous. States shouldn’t have to be bidding against each other with private companies to get the resources they desperately need. The federal government needs to send supplies directly to the states—now.

Coronavirus has exposed the conditions under which too many Americans work every day. We need stronger unions. We need to raise the wage. We need safer work conditions. We need health care for all. We need paid leave. Not just during this crisis—always.