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Elijah J. Magnier

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No magics here because #Iran  has many enemies. To be the President of Iran is not a victory but a heavy responsibility, unlike any other similar position in the Middle East.

Hardliner former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaei won 3 million 400,000 votes and the reformists who stood behind the former Central Bank Governor Abolhasan Hemmati gathered 2 million 400,000. #Iran  population is fed up with the reformists after 8 years of Rouhani-Zarif fiasco.

When the new President of #Iran  Ibrahim Raisi is elected with 18 million votes behind him, he is sending one and only message to the world that the "Islamic Republic " is alive and its value is protected by the population.

The #US  should read carefully the message here. More in my forthcoming article on #Iran  and what does it mean for Raisi to win.

@TheHOOS  Let's consider 70% of the 59 million who participated in the elections. Raisi and hardliners gathered 24 million. That is still the majority of the voters. While on the other camp, the numbers are irrelevant. No comparison. 49% is a Mass boycott?


@realDonald Trump@SecPompeoW  @EsperDoDe  have learned today from P #Iraqrime  Minister AdilAbdl Mahdi how u @realDonaldTrumpses  diplomacy: a #USsked  t #Iraqo  mediate with . #IranIraq  PM asks t #QassemSoleimanio  come and talk to him and give him the answer of his mediation, Trump &co assassinate an envoy at the airport

#Gaza flooded the Israeli interception systems with dozens of rockets and missiles. This has never happened before: a huge challenge to #Israel . There are direct hits registered of missiles which managed to break the Iron Dome system.

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#Israel killed 212 people in #Gaza  of which 61 children and 40 women. This is how Gaza looked like last night.

#Israel has the strongest army in the world. Look at this strong army in action (photos) and how #IDF  manages to defeat its most terrible enemies.

#Iran just delivered one million barrel of oil to #Syria  at Banias refinery breaking the #EU- #US sanctions on the Syrian population.

Now that is real democracy in #Israel . I never thought this can still happen in this century: "If I don't steal your house someone else is going to steal it. What is your problem with me?"

This is the moment before the explosion when the fire was ongoing at #Beirut  #Lebanon 

#BreakingNews #Israel  is bombing Hanadi tower along th #Gaza  coast. The Palestinian resistance warned Israel that any bombing of civilian towers will be met by a similar bombing in Tel Aviv to residential areas with new missiles never used before. There is a serious escalation