Faith makes us walk with Jesus on the roads of this world, in the certainty that the power of His Spirit will bend the forces of evil, subjecting them to the power of God’s love.

Lying in Parliament used to be a resigning matter. We now have a Prime Minister who does it at least once every week at PMQs. Here are three from the last three weeks.

Pregnant Katie Price asked wild and inappropriate sex questions in old interview

Get dressed for the #JeanPaulGaultier ’s NO SHOW, Day-2. Rendez-vous on July 8th, 2020 at 2:30pm. #NoShow  #HouseOfGaultier  #PFW 

Did you know the sculptor of Stone Mountain & Mt. Rushmore was involved with the KKK. Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s Ku Klux Klan ties at Stone Mountain - The Washington Post

“I wanted to do something that was totally different from any Western music I had composed in the past.” Ennio Morricone took 'Rolling Stone' behind the scenes of the 'The Hateful Eight' score back in 2016

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The voice of the people IS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.