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Siri, where can I find someone who will braid my hair and feed me snacks? #TotalBellas 

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Some tips for the government in #GhislaineMaxwell  arrest: 1. No sleepy prison guards 2. No malfunctioning cameras in cell 3. No visitors with the last name Clinton

I wonder if Prince Andrew has suddenly discovered he does sweat after all?

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Here’s #GhislaineMaxwell  at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Was she prospecting there for underage recruits, or was she invited because of previous favors extended to the bride’s father?

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Thank you to the lovely staff at @waitrose  Sunningdale for your act of kindness 💕 x Leigh

Congratulations to anyone who's got Ghislaine Maxwell in their deadpool

WATCH: Father of Teen Killed in Seattle’s CHOP has Heartbreaking Plea to the Public

Discovery in this case could be bad news for a lot of very powerful people...

"You gotta know your self-worth and your own importance." Happy birthday to Vince Staples.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested by the FBI on sex abuse charges related to #JeffreyEpstein