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Science writer at The Atlantic. Author of I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, a New York Times bestseller on animal-microbe partnerships. https://t.co/Pyu0Xpdt8x

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@JenHoward @rosevelethWhat  Jen said, but also, it helps to have that Plan B in place before you even send the pitch out. That way, you can automatically re-deploy the pitch if you get a rejection

When a blue whale dives, its heart can slow to just two beats per minute. I wrote this piece so that, at normal reading speeds, one such beat would fall at the end of every paragraph.

This particular whale was in the Pacific proving that we at the Atlantic are of no party or ocean.

On getting a cardiogram from a blue whale on the first try: “We did a victory lap around the lab," Goldbogen says. “You have long days at sea and in front of a computer, but those are the moments you get into this business for.”

Did you know that giant anteaters have pandas on their legs?

@debcha  That last claim is weird tho with plenty of exceptions. In some ostracods, only males have eyes. Male copperheads have bigger tongues than females.

I am a machine that converts pumpkin cheesecake into book chapters

Pictured: An Etruscan shrew, the cricket that it hunts, and presumably the bounty that it received for killing crickets and will now exchange for better armour. (Pic from Brecht et al, 2011)

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“Are Cats and Sonic the Hedgehog set in the same universe?” - @AdrienneLaF , just now. THIS IS NOW CANON. Behold the Dr Moreau Cinematic Universe.

I think The Walking Dead is set a few years after Love Actually with Andrew Lincoln playing the same character


"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen. "Bears are going to starve to death."

Hey, remember that viral video of a baby bear climbing up a snowy cliff to its mother? It's not a life-affirming tale of persistence. The bears were fleeing from the drone that was filming and harassing them.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean, 1.2 miles deeper than Everest is tall. The animals living at its bottom have plastic in their guts.

Inspired by Hidden Figures, a team of researchers scoured the acknowledgements of old genetics papers & uncovered the names of many women programmers, who made important contributions but were never given authorship.

I've spent 2 years tracking the gender balance in my stories. In that time, I've raised the proportion of women whom I quote from 25% to 50%. Here's why I did it, and what I learned on the way.

Never before in recorded history has a single disease burned down so much of the tree of life. New estimates show that the doomsday fungus called Bd has caused the decline of over 500 species and the extinction of at least 90.

Now they've done it. They've pissed off Aquaman

Unlike most grazers, bison don’t track the waves of greenery that emerge in the spring. Instead, they ENGINEER those waves, intensifying the springtime greening and raising nutrient levels in the plants.

Our Planet—Netflix’s answer to Planet Earth—is a big-budget wildlife documentary that *finally* forces viewers to acknowledge their complicity in the decline of nature, *throughout* each episode. It’s a hugely important shift.