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Science writer at The Atlantic. Author of I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, a New York Times bestseller on animal-microbe partnerships. https://t.co/Pyu0Xpdt8x

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"In truth, the Aaron Coleman saga... is a testament to how readily, still, conversations about abuse will focus on what is owed to the abuser." Always read @megangarber 

It feels like a lifetime ago that we published this piece, but consider it a prebuttal to the RNC's four-day run of lies, distractions, false assurances, and shirked responsibility.

One amazing way to do this would be to control the pandemic; Venmo me.

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🚨I wrote a new piece about the 9 errors of intuition that people keep making during the pandemic, trapping us in a spiral of bad decisions & policies. This is a guide to thinking about the crisis & breaking free from that endless loop. 1/

The perfect metaphor for the US pandemic response: the army ant “death spiral.” Following looping pheromone trails, the ants walk in endless self-destructive circles, walled in by their own unhelpful instincts. We should/can do better. 5/

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Throughout the year, I’ve tried to write pieces that help us make sense of this generation-defining crisis, deal with the constant gaslighting, see the bigger picture, and find structure amid uncertainty and complexity. I hope this new one helps. Fin/

"I feel my throat tightening. It’s not the coronavirus or smoke. It’s rage." @Emma_Marris  is an incredible writer and she really lets loose here.

This is a great piece and thread.

“Florida wildlife officials allege that the animals... are being poached from people’s backyards and funneled into the nation’s largest flying squirrel smuggling enterprise.” Wild story by @Dina_Maron 

🚨I wrote about what COVID-19 does to the heart, the controversy around the emerging science, and how it ties into this key lesson that I've talked about before: "As pandemics get wider, they feel weirder."


🚨🚨Here’s the big piece I’ve been promising: an Atlantic cover story about the US’s catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic. It’s a full autopsy of what went wrong, every unattended weakness & unheeded warning, every festering wound & reopened scar. 1/

"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen. "Bears are going to starve to death."

🚨I wrote a big piece about the future of the COVID-19 pandemic: how the US got to this point; what needs to happen in the coming weeks and months; what the endgame looks like; and what the world might be like in the aftermath.

Hey, remember that viral video of a baby bear climbing up a snowy cliff to its mother? It's not a life-affirming tale of persistence. The bears were fleeing from the drone that was filming and harassing them.

I wrote about the new coronavirus itself--where it came from, why it's behaving in the way it's behaving, how it infects and kills, and what the summer might bring. It's early days, of course, but this serves as a rough preliminary portrait of SARS-CoV-2.

🚨I wrote about COVID-19 long-haulers—the thousands of people who’ve been struggling with *months* of debilitating symptoms. Many have faced disbelief from friends and medical professionals because they don’t fit the typical profile of the disease. 1/

🚨Here’s my new story about long-haulers who’ve had COVID-19 for months. I first wrote about them in early June, and much has changed since then. Notably, many are still sick. For some, it’s been 5+ months of debilitating symptoms. #LongCovid  1/

The origin of this story is one of my colleagues asked for an immunity explainer, and I said, "GOD NO, have you any idea how complicated immunology is, that would kill me," but then I realized that I am already dead inside, and wrote the piece.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean, 1.2 miles deeper than Everest is tall. The animals living at its bottom have plastic in their guts.