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And Clint Frazier, who talked before the game about finding the right "role" for himself and how "ready" he feels to be a regular in the lineup, cracks a HR in his first AB of the 2020 season after being recalled earlier today

Little movement on that 0-2 fastball to Brosseau, who crushes it to left and then Lowe drills one to right and suddenly it's tied 3-3 in the seventh

81 degrees at first pitch here in the Bronx

Yankees make Ynoa throw 27 pitches in the first but they can't push anyone across. 0-0 heading to the second

Sanchez unloads on that 1-and-2 pitch. Hammers it to left for his 2nd HR of the season. 2-1 Braves in the second

LeMahieu off to a 25-for-62 start to the season

Boone on if LeMahieu could be an IL situation: "It could be."

Luke Voit: "we’ve just been playing like crap. That’s the bottom line."


Sabathia said in his big league career "I've never been called the N word" anywhere but in Boston

Sabathia said it's talked about among black major leaguers: "we know. There's 62 of us. We all know. When you go to Boston, expect it."

Jason Kipnis on Bautista's shaking-in-his-boots comments regarding Ryan Merritt: "That’s why you don’t say dumb s**t." #ALCS 

The notion Yankees fans were somehow out of line for the “Uber” chants last night is comically ridiculous. Anyone, and that includes some media, who doesn’t think those chants wouldn’t have occurred in every other ballpark in a postseason game are kidding themselves.

And, at last, the official end of the great MLB sign-stealing scandal

Sabathia even got support in the Rays clubhouse. Said Carlos Gomez: "I have a lot of respect for CC & if he feels he should need to hit somebody & he did it, I have more respect because he protects his players. That's how the game is supposed to be played. You protect your guys."