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#DEFI is in defocus is as $ADA gears up for the launch of smart contracts 🔥

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📢 We regret to announce that it is indeed Monday. We attempted to start this week with a Thursday, but we're told that's not possible. 😔

🗓 The week ahead: 💸 US inflation with investors looking for further stabilization as Fed considers tightening. Tue CNChina monthly data - industrial production to retail sales. 🏦 Four-time annual ‘quadruple witching’ (Fri). Stock and index futures and options all expire.

Get an in-depth analysis of what's going on this week 👀

🛎 Markets may be volatile as the US Bureau of Labor will be releasing the August Producer Price Index (PPI), and PPI Core at 12:00 and 12:30 GMT, respectively.

After Labor Day holiday, Wall Street stumbled as all three US indices experienced declines 📉

Anna got into investing at 27 💪 📖 This is her story:

Explain HODL wrong answers only Go!


Here's what some of you are saying about us listing $SHIBxM... via @TwitterMoments  ⚡

Shiba Army: LIST SHIB!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!! LIST NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEN SHIB??????? AHHHHHHHHHHH eToro: *finally lists $SHIBxM* Shiba Army: Thanks!

Wen Shib? We hear you! We’re on it. We’ve dropped a few teasers & we’re getting closer. When we list assets, some are more complicated than others, but regardless, for every listing there are many considerations. We hope to share updates soon - hang tight 💚

$DOGE is here! Here's what you need to know 👉GJWYpH98VM ⚠ Not investment advice

All you want to know about Ethereum in one easy to digest guide. ?

How much coin would a Shiba Inu dodge, if a Shiba Inu could dodge coins?