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Latest Scoops

2 minutes
EFF ejected from North West Sopa https://t.co/BtCf5hjzsI
10 minutes
[ICYMI] #Abrahams to receive feedback on #Zuma charges https://t.co/OHkwsgFBnb
29 minutes
Police launch manhunt for nine men after cash in transit robbery https://t.co/Ndcv9U1q5O
38 minutes
#YourView - The #DA and #Cope want Public Enterprises Minister, #LynneBrown, immediately fired for misleading Parliament.

Should President Cyril #Ramaphosa fire Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown today? Results with @maggsonmedia just after 3pm on #DStv 403.
53 minutes
[OPINION] Efforts to get #SA's economy moving are no more than a patch up job https://t.co/QLzxBNEsHb
RT @karynmaughan: #Hawks Matakata declines to comment on whether the suspected kidnapping of a British South African couple may have impacted on U.K. Terror alert on SA.
There will be formal bail hearing for suspects in this case on 1 March.
[BREAKING NEWS] Ajay Gupta is not being sought for involvement in the #EstinaDairyProject. Catch the #Hawks briefing now on DStv 403 and Online >> https://t.co/K2Ays7Co5V
Is there an arrest warrant for Duduzane Zuma? Tune into the #Hawks briefing now on eNCA #DStv 403
eNCA | CATCH IT LIVE: Hawks to give update on the #EstinaDairyProject probe On #DStv403 / #DStvNow and here... https://t.co/Rl544yF2HM
South Sudan court sentences former SANDF colonel to death https://t.co/wFekecRxQD
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